Cromer – a seaside town in Norfolk or is it?

Cromer – a seaside town in Norfolk or is it?



One of the few sunny days with a pleasant temperature we have had lately was chosen by the Hare to set her run in Cromer.

A little difficult to find the Farm Reserve, but that was because I was following Scud and he was driving around in circles. I guess because he wanted to be seen by as many people as possible. 

At 16:00 we were sent off having been told the run would take 1 hour. Well, it took exactly 1 hour, the trail was very well marked, with diversions at crossings to make sure no illegal steps were taken. Markings were very clear and it was obviously set professionally. She also did the run to make sure there were no hiccups.

Cromer has relentless hills and we got to climb them all. But then as a Hare you would do that wouldn’t you? make the pack work as hard as possible. That’s Hashing.

So we had 19 dedicated souls attend, good to see Jungle come along, and a visitor, Queen Victoria, who was a good runner and gave Starboard a workout. Bondi disclosed that on the run his dog caused a boy to fall off his bike. Didn’t seem to worry him too much. 

I have previously called this the sitting-down Hash, and so it was . Only Tripod stood for his RA routine, which he seems to enjoy.  

Oh, did I mention that White Rabbit turned up…..I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date… least she was there.

Nibbles were put out and the GM gave DDs to the Hare and a couple of others, including QV, who then scarpered.

The cool breeze meant that those not leaving backed up against a wall in a row, reminded of ‘çrows on the wire’. They sounded like crows, too.

Another enjoyable NB Hash run with 19 happy attendees.

Nil Bastardum carborundum.

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