Run #247 @Davidson – Donga

Run #247 @Davidson – Donga


It’s not often a Hare is so keen to set a run that he is prepared to leave a home in one country and travel to his home in another country. He brought his wife for moral support as well and rounded up his children to assist with the run.
It was no easy task to manage the trip from Thailand to Sydney, given the officialdom both locations employ.
But come 4 pm on Sunday, January 02, all was ready.
The usual disparate group assembled and after some instruction, were set off.
The Garigal National park is huge, and offers endless trails and options for hashing…….and Donga knows his trails, that’s for sure. We were treated to a great run/walk, some bits with tarmac but he closely observed the 80/20 bush/road rule.

It was long and at times quite difficult, managing to include gradual but inclined sections. Good for the circulation. A walk in along Kambora to wind down and we were back at Donga’s Digs.
Around 28 filled the verandah, plenty of food was put out and after a couple of beers/wines we were all relaxed.
The GM managed to pull a circle together, anoint the Hare (job well done), and then told a tawdry but clean joke. We politely laughed.
Another beer and next months’ run – which Calici is setting at Centrepoint’s Whale Beach pad. CP is out of action and has the boot tp prove it.

The GM would like to advise he has written to and received permission from Hash Headquarters to have the February run with less than 80% bush….provided there is an equal amount of water views. Start and finish at Centrepoint’s.

The address is 35 Morella Rd, Whale Beach. 4 pm start.

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