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A NBH3 run

Cromer – a seaside town in Norfolk or is it?

Cromer – a seaside town in Norfolk or is it?



One of the few sunny days with a pleasant temperature we have had lately was chosen by the Hare to set her run in Cromer.

A little difficult to find the Farm Reserve, but that was because I was following Scud and he was driving around in circles. I guess because he wanted to be seen by as many people as possible. 

At 16:00 we were sent off having been told the run would take 1 hour. Well, it took exactly 1 hour, the trail was very well marked, with diversions at crossings to make sure no illegal steps were taken. Markings were very clear and it was obviously set professionally. She also did the run to make sure there were no hiccups.

Cromer has relentless hills and we got to climb them all. But then as a Hare you would do that wouldn’t you? make the pack work as hard as possible. That’s Hashing.

So we had 19 dedicated souls attend, good to see Jungle come along, and a visitor, Queen Victoria, who was a good runner and gave Starboard a workout. Bondi disclosed that on the run his dog caused a boy to fall off his bike. Didn’t seem to worry him too much. 

I have previously called this the sitting-down Hash, and so it was . Only Tripod stood for his RA routine, which he seems to enjoy.  

Oh, did I mention that White Rabbit turned up…..I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date… least she was there.

Nibbles were put out and the GM gave DDs to the Hare and a couple of others, including QV, who then scarpered.

The cool breeze meant that those not leaving backed up against a wall in a row, reminded of ‘çrows on the wire’. They sounded like crows, too.

Another enjoyable NB Hash run with 19 happy attendees.

Nil Bastardum carborundum.

Your scribe



NBH3 RUN # 255

It must be that some people are afraid of rain/cold/windy weather, but if you run the Hash, none of this should worry you. And it did not worry 21 Hashers who turned up at Duffy’s Forest last Sunday to do justice to NSOM’s run. Before we ran/walked, I took stock of the arrange of vehicles parked there, and they were as varied as the people who drove them. And varied is the descriptor of Hashers. There must be a co-relation which needs a study there. So, at 16:00 hrs and we were advised to take one of the well-set trails and told we would be out an hour and 10 minutes. Oh, and to be careful of the fallen tree. (?). And well set the trail was, and a leisurely stroll it was also, as the hour and 10 minutes required to be filled meant that progress needed to be slowed down somewhat. But such a pleasant location and constant fire trails meant easy travel with no stress. It must be said (again) that Sydney offers the best bush trails only a few minutes drive from anywhere. Terrey Hills is a horsey area with large properties and lots of horse floats. It’s the roads that have the horse droppings. The properties are pristine. The run had lots af mud and horse dung to navigate, but no problem there, it was just the fallen tree which had me concerned, having been warned about it. Back to the start and chairs were the main order of the day. It is , after all, a sitting-down Hash, it seems. Tripod called the circle, the GM being missing again. I’m told he was out on his yacht for the weekend. I’ve never seen his yacht, has anybody? Have you been invited out on it, or even invited to come aboard for a beer? Or am I the only person who hasn’t been on it? Tripod makes a good RA/On Sec, dishing out the DDs while standing, no less. It was the Hare, No Shit On Me, who was thanked for her efforts, and Short Sheeter, who can’t tell the difference between Copra and Calici. And a thanks to Crumb from Calici for replacing his lost beanie. Good memory. Time then, for ham and cheese rolls with pickles to fill the void. Supplied by the Hare. The usual choice of beverages were available and Crumpet topped it all off with chocolate slices (?). We were restricted to 4 each. They should be illegal. Another fine afternoon enjoyed by a select group of friends with thanks to NSOM, Crumpet and those who supplied the alcohol. I never did remember coming across the fallen tree, did I miss something? Your scribe
Mallawa Road, Duffy’s Forest 4pm

Mallawa Road, Duffy’s Forest 4pm

Mallawa Rd. Duff’s Forest…Hare…”No Shit on Me”


Meet at the end of Mallawa Rd. Drive almost to the end of Booralie Rd and turn right onto Mallawa. Plenty of parking, bring chair and hats for the sunshine.

The run will end with substantial nibbles and bucket…$10.00

The Waratah’s are out and native flowers in abundance, a lovely meander/walk/run for all to enjoy.

For those who are a bit shy, suggest using public toilets in park at Terrey Hills Village on the way to the meander/walk/run.


RUN  254  –   CHATSWOOD WEST – Scud & Maid Marion

RUN  254  –   CHATSWOOD WEST – Scud & Maid Marion

Scud Surrenders To The Incoming Hash
The recently completed elevator on River Avenue at Scud’s house is such a success that he’s thinking of building an even bigger, better and higher one beside it. But even if the NBH3 crowd had to use the back entrance, everybody knew it would be a good run. With Maid Marion director of operations and Scud director of reputations, I wonder who actually set the run….did Exocet and Olivia have a hand in it?
25 hardy souls turned up, 24 of them ready to pay $15 for the event. White Rabbit “forgot her purse”. Now because the area had been soaked by rain it meant that tracks were sloppy and slippery. The rocks more so. Lane Cove bush knows how to make things difficult. A swift flowing river added to the drama.
The Trailmaster, Cunning Linguist, had concerns about keeping the pack on trail, and Crumpet thought there were lots of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ moments. That’s where you need Dr Watson beside you. The Hare even offered to drive slow walkers back home. Guilt takes many forms.
And so the run/walk returned to Camp Scud where the pack then all sat down to have a beer and nibbles and just chill. No respect. Remove all chairs, I say. The GM has to get tough on this. But a circle was called anyway, and the Hares had a DD. Then all the fathers, being Fathers Day and the Litters, Kitty and Anna, for being married 50 years. 50 years! Anna (Three Swigs?) sure has endurance. Then there were 2 visitors Jason and Shirley.
With that stuff out of the way it was time to hit the food……Italian was the theme, good solid simple fare. Always delicious of course coming out of the Maid Marion kitchen. Most people got fed, as long as they dived in before 4X, Mongrel and the GM took over the table.
Another great event in the Hash tradition of exercise, beer, wine, food and friendship. In whichever order you prefer.
Thanks, Scuds, On2.
Your Scribe.
Oh, and White Rabbit promises to bring her purse next month.
Run 255 will be in the Terrey Hills area on 02/10/22. At 4 pm. 16:00 hrs.
Hares will be Crumpet and NSOM (that’s No Shit On Me) who will advise the GM of the location.
Note 16:00 hrs start due to daylight saving.


How good was it to be offered parking in a difficult place on a busy Sunday. Just because a bit of sun had come out, half of Sydney thought they had the right to come down to Manly/Queenscliff and park using up valuable space which rightfully should have been for NBH3 folks..

22 showed up not including the dog, and at the appointed hour we were ushered away from the Hare’s beachfront residence.

A loop under the lagoon bridge and we were off to Pittwater Rd. Through Freshwater and North Manly, mainly on roads and following good markings. Until we crossed the main road at a check. This huge circle gave no clue to direction and we found arrows across the road which led to an on-back. Retrace across Pittwater Rd and up the long hill on the other side.

As Crumpet was with us we were able to stay on trail. She knew the way having done it 3 times already. Did I mention the steps? All 500 of them, it seemed. Not enough that there are heaps of hills in the area, and we climbed all of them.

Eventually back at the start in an hour after a 6 km workout. Just right for length and difficulty. The run, I mean.

Down to the front/back yard of the house for the bucket. Only after we had put on all the clothes we had brought. The wind was bitter. But the mood was good and all were happy.

Our GM could not be with us, as he is having some r’n r in Phuket, I think. Anyway a circle was called, the Hares did a DD by crossing arms and drinking, so had to do it a second time to get it right. Birthdays were called, mainly for the Hare, but another 10 people decided it was their birthday as well, so more were in the middle than out of it. NSOM complained about her drink, naturally, and Scud showed us how he begs forgiveness when he gets home pissed from the Hash. Everybody wanted to hear Pee Dub’s joke, so it was read out to huge cheering and applause.

The Hares delivered Mulligatawny soup….just the thing for the cold weather. Plenty of heat in it offset by rice. Great stuff.

The next run would have been #254 had there been a Hare to set it, but there wasn’t. I will leave it to the GM to sort out.

Another great NBH3 run to keep the pack together in the tradition of the Hash.



Your Scribe.



To go or not to go – that was the question.
No contest, this is the Hash, of course you go.
Or so 5 of us thought. And the 2 Hares. Arrival at Geo’s house in Balgowlah saw us directed around to the tradesman’s entrance, complete with directions where to sit and not make a mess. Fair enough, as a wet mess was likely anyway, due to all of us being soaked.
So who came, I hear you ask. Crum and Crumpet, as they had the bucket, Pee Dub as he’s the GM and has to come, and me as I do the writeup. The only other non-obligated attendee was Bren Gun.
Run time saw sideways glances about who would brave the rain and wind, and Crumpet, Bren Gun and I pulled on our gear. The trail was explained and we set off. Around the corner and BG turned right, totally opposite to the directions. Go figure. C’pet and I turned left on arrows, and spent the next 40 mins in pleasant conversation while not having to put up with any inconvenience from weather. Cool but bracing.
Back at the ranch the GM had made a hot vegetable soup, the beer was cold and the Hash red wine was uncorked. The Hares were warm, dry and happy, as was the GM and Crum. C’pet and I set about doing the same. No sign of BG.
An hour’s chat pulling the world apart and another successful Hash run was behind us.
I do think that a few soft cocks should harden up a bit and attend these runs regardless of weather conditions, as there’s a lot more satisfaction in doing something like the run than sitting at home achieving nothing. A little inconvenience is a good thing.
Anyway, there were 5 Hashers total who did turn up, and we 5 thank the Hares for their efforts in less than perfect circumstances. Oh, and BG did eventually turn up.
On2 to run 253 in August.
Your Scribe





Í’m glad I arrived at the bowling club early for the run, as I was able to witness Crumb rolling in the mud. Why? you may ask, well numerous vehicles had become bogged in the parking area of the club. There were so many cars there that the Hash could not find parking. Crumb knew how to push some of the cars out to make room for us, so proceeded to shout orders at the stuck drivers while pushing vehicles. Now if you push foreward and the car goes backward it will run over you unless you slip into the mud and roll away. This Crumb did, while still shouting orders at the driver, who was an Indian taxi driver. This did not sit well with Crumb, so he abandoned the exercise and stomped away, while still shouting at the stuck Indian driver. No prizes for what he said.
So after that comedy sketch, it came down to where we could park… attempt was made to remove part of the fence, and much thought given to illegal parking. Not considered a good idea by the locals. Ultimately all was resolved and parking was secured.
The run was late getting away due to the Hare over-instructing details for the pack. But get away we did, and very soon it became a combination of street and bush trails. It was agreed there were no serious checks and progress was easy, A well marked trail made progress fluid with most pleasant trails to follow. The runners finished up being about 9 km and the second half I spent with Geo and Cinders, as the pack seemed to have all gone on the walkers, as we were not passed at all. The on in showed this was so, as we were the last in, and the circle was under way. Circles in the NBH3 wait for no man.
DDs for the Hares as this was a very good run, well thought out and enough exercise to keep warm in the sub-zero temps we are having these days.
In fact this was borne out by Crumpet, who said it was “fuckin’ freezing” .
A full meal at the on on has been discarded, and the GM said there will only be nibbles after each run from now on. What, no hot soup to enjoy on a cold afternoon with your friends??
Next Week and All Fours have sold up in Sydney. Cashed in for millions, I heard. So, volunteers needed for webmaster/trailmaster roles – don’t everybody rush foreward. There was a serious silence and it was resolved to postpone decisions. Just like a government. GM to handle.
With that it was time to remove the icicles and head home to have the missed meal.
Another successful run for the NBH3 which was enjoyed by 17 hardy souls.
On on
Your scribe




To celebrate 250 runs on a monthly Hash means that it has existed for nearly 21 years. Now some of the members have been members for almost all of that time, and still the NBH3 has a core of enthusiastic people.
As I go back to somewhere near the beginning, I fondly remember a lot of the early birds: Donga, Next Week, All Fours, Inky, Himaloafer, Siberia, Starboard, Breathless, Crum and Crumpet, Kaffir and Geo.
Others also, but these are the immediate names that come to mind.
Anyway, some move on and are replaced by others. This is healthy. One of the replacements a long time ago is the GM, Pee Dub. Regular attendances and participation earned him the exhalted position he now holds, and as the 250 th run arrived during his term he resolved to make it memorable.
Not only that, he made bloody long as well for the runners trail, which I possibly should not have selected. No matter, the run took off from the edge of Sugarloaf Bay and took a scenic path around the waterfront, following Middle Harbour to the edge of Roseville Chase and back along a difficult path and eventually back at the start. 10 km I was told. The walkers trail was obviously the correct one to take, as the on on was well under way when I eventually got back.
A feast was presented in the Mexican style, delicious, it was and meant that some of us overdid the food. No shortage of alcohol and plenty of good cheer made for a great on on. Even Pee Dub’s joke was acceptable.
Being able to have a bush setting so close to town and plenty of tables and
 chairs was a bonus. Well organised.
So of course we’re looking at another 250 runs, and that will take us up to 2043. Naturally I would expect that we will all be there for that run, also.
So congratulations to the NBH3 and all its enthusiastic members. Lets keep up the pace and ensure its longevity.
On On
Your Scribe
I wonder if they’ll have Mexican food at the 500 th?



Sunday afternoon is a good time to have a Hash run. The week is behind you, Saturday you have spent putting off the chores you promised to do, Sunday morning hanging about with the papers (ipads) and having a huge breakfast.
Come Sunday afternoon it’s time for a bit of exercise, if only to tell yourself you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Copra did that last weekend, and completed everything except the exercise. As he was the Hare, he co-opted his sons-in-law to set a run for him. That is quite legal, of course, but falls apart when people want to discuss the run afterwards. What can you say if you haven’t been there?
Never mind, a run was set, and quite well, too. It was shaped like a bottle, narrow at the beginning and end, as the same trail was set for the first and last kilometer. The middle bits had shiggy, which is good, many steps down, which is also good and even more steps up, which is not so good. No fools, his s-i-l. Copra had, however instructed well on the use of Bigfoot, and plenty of flour was used. There were a couple of places which did not rate Bigfoot, but that was a find it yourself deal. Only one on-back, so no messy checks or falsies to contend with. It was, however, quite a strenuous walk/run and tested those who completed the whole thing. Except Starboard, of course.
Back at the start, the sons-in-law had been dismissed, leaving Copra to collect the applause. But no, there wasn’t any bowing and taking accolades, there was only Copra sitting in that full-bodied way that he does and looking dejected. It seems that someone had complained about something that was irrelevant and nonsensical. Forget that person, Copra.
Next came the new clobber, male and female running shorts, and ladies slacks. I think they were just for ladies, as they finished above the ankles. The NBH3 appear to have been strong supporters of the various gear offered over the years, so I imagine these garments will sell well over time.
The circle involved said Copra taking the run critique in good spirit, as indeed he should have. I can’t remember if there were visitors or other persons of note for dd’s.
Next Copra was seen to be poking and prodding wieners to get them hot and offering them up in sweet and even sweeter bread rolls. Ketchup and mustard as well, of course. Perhaps not 3 star, but filling, no less.
And another chapter in the adventures of the NBH3 was completed. Even if we were 40 km from a beach. Nothing more was heard from the aforesaid sons-in-law, as presumably they will be retained until when and if they are required in the future. No point giving them swelled heads over a good run too early in the piece. Bigfoot has returned back to his lair, and will be thrown a weiner roll when next needed.
Your scribe
Run #247 @Davidson – Donga

Run #247 @Davidson – Donga


It’s not often a Hare is so keen to set a run that he is prepared to leave a home in one country and travel to his home in another country. He brought his wife for moral support as well and rounded up his children to assist with the run.
It was no easy task to manage the trip from Thailand to Sydney, given the officialdom both locations employ.
But come 4 pm on Sunday, January 02, all was ready.
The usual disparate group assembled and after some instruction, were set off.
The Garigal National park is huge, and offers endless trails and options for hashing…….and Donga knows his trails, that’s for sure. We were treated to a great run/walk, some bits with tarmac but he closely observed the 80/20 bush/road rule.

It was long and at times quite difficult, managing to include gradual but inclined sections. Good for the circulation. A walk in along Kambora to wind down and we were back at Donga’s Digs.
Around 28 filled the verandah, plenty of food was put out and after a couple of beers/wines we were all relaxed.
The GM managed to pull a circle together, anoint the Hare (job well done), and then told a tawdry but clean joke. We politely laughed.
Another beer and next months’ run – which Calici is setting at Centrepoint’s Whale Beach pad. CP is out of action and has the boot tp prove it.

The GM would like to advise he has written to and received permission from Hash Headquarters to have the February run with less than 80% bush….provided there is an equal amount of water views. Start and finish at Centrepoint’s.

The address is 35 Morella Rd, Whale Beach. 4 pm start.

RUN #246 – Xmas run @Long Reef – Starboard

RUN #246 – Xmas run @Long Reef – Starboard


A Sydney summer run, they said, and it looked like it would rain. But that’s normal in Sydney these days. Every day looks like that.
No matter, it’s the Hash, and so we will turn up regardless.
A pack of 32 assembled at the end of Fisherman’s Beach and took off at 16:00 hrs. Starboard had briefed us on the run and we knew it would be good, based on her history.
From the Collaroy Basin on the coast trail down to Dee Why, the trail went through Narraweena, Beacon Hill and touching on Cromer and back to Long Reef. Well set, good markings and a slice of bushland to create interest, which was surprising in the middle of such a built-up area.
This run included not only a terrific Christmas lunch but a changing of the guard. Short Sheeter announced a new committee, and I will leave it to the new GM, Pee Dub, to announce the members. This is because having been delegated the role of writer-upper, I don’t know who all the other members are.
Pee Dub was an unexpected choice to many of us, and we are sure/hope he will mature into the role. This includes the RA handling the jokes. Thanks to the outgoing committee and the GM, Short Sheeter, for their efforts over the difficult period.

Then there was lunch….a table spread full of ham, turkey and salads, not to forget the petite fours to begin, kept us all quiet for a while. Great food, and real thanks to those who prepared and served the meal. Beer and wine to go with it all, of course.

So see you all at run # 247 on 02 Jan, 2022.

All the best for the festive season, see you on Sun 02 Jan.
Calici V

October 4th 2020 Run – Waverton

October 4th 2020 Run – Waverton

October 4th 2020 Run
HI all fellow hashers
It was a great turnout for our  first joint run for 2020 with the Sydney Full Moon HHH on Sunday 4th October at Waverton Park, Waverton. Keeping in mind the Covid restrictions it was a delight to see so many faces new and old trying to maintain the 1.5 m distance. We had visitors from the North Shore Wanderers and Sydney Thirsty Hash as well.
The day had fantastic weather and the routes were marked out well by the co hares  He’ll Do and SS from NBH3 for the walkers and runners alike, spanning the local streets and bush and the Coal Loader , with plenty of scope for stair lovers .
A well earned bucket, thanks to both our beer meister Phantom and Full Moon’s Mother F. We all enjoyed the comaraderie at  the end with beautiful views and breezes from Sydney harbour .
Thank you to all who could attend.
On On
Short Sheeter