October 4th 2020 Run – Waverton

October 4th 2020 Run
HI all fellow hashers
It was a great turnout for our  first joint run for 2020 with the Sydney Full Moon HHH on Sunday 4th October at Waverton Park, Waverton. Keeping in mind the Covid restrictions it was a delight to see so many faces new and old trying to maintain the 1.5 m distance. We had visitors from the North Shore Wanderers and Sydney Thirsty Hash as well.
The day had fantastic weather and the routes were marked out well by the co hares  He’ll Do and SS from NBH3 for the walkers and runners alike, spanning the local streets and bush and the Coal Loader , with plenty of scope for stair lovers .
A well earned bucket, thanks to both our beer meister Phantom and Full Moon’s Mother F. We all enjoyed the comaraderie at  the end with beautiful views and breezes from Sydney harbour .
Thank you to all who could attend.
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