August 2020 Run 235 – Crum in Manly Vale

Crum’s RUN Sunday 2nd August 2020
On the sunny side of Passmore Park, Manly Vale the Northern Beaches pack gathered in a very convenient spot.
Being Covid conscious, it was BYO chairs to be placed 1 1/2 metres apart and nibbles for the Bucket.
Crummy”s trail led us up the garden path- right around the sports grounds, giving the walkers an immediate opportunity to shortcut diagonally across the fields, twice.
Starboard was out of sight in a flash and arriving back at the Bucket in 35 minutes, she took off again.
Hilly terrain! Stairs leading  down and hills going up and plenty of ON BACKS and opportunities to shortcut, if you knew the area.
All back at the Bucket, nibbles were handed around and ‘The Scuds’ sat down to a  meal of roast meat and veggies.
Our new GM, Shortsheeter called for everyone to circle up, with hats off.
Bondi scored the run an 8 1/2. “Wow!” “What?” “8 1/2 out of 40?” queried Tripod.
Crummy, the Hare, was given two Down Downs. One for laying the trail and the other for his birthday and down’ed them simultaneously.
Virgin runner Alex, simply googled up ” hash on the Northern Beaches”. Were we really what she was looking for? Yes! A born Harriette, she needed no prompting when to swallow her Down Down.
Free Bucket and free birthday cake to five of the pack. Hashy Birthday to  Crummy, Geographically Naive , Phantom, NSOM and Kitty Litter.
” I need a committee” cried the GM and within minutes Phantom became the new Bucket Meister, Crummy crumbled to do Hash Cashing, Saddlesore the new Haberdasher, All Fours for Trailmastery ( again), Next Week for ON SEC and website and Tripod for RA.
And with the new committee formed, ShortSheeter announced the meeting over just as the cool night was setting in and the Moon aligned with Jupiter and Saturn.
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