Scattering Don’s Ashes

Mission accomplished!

GYPO/Darwin Don/Donald Ernest Grenville is now home where he wanted to be in the sea out from the North Cottesloe Surf Club.
Sunday 5th April turned out overcast, however the sea was calm and flat. No wind. A playful seal had been frollicking over the reef area but had gone at 10.30am.
The Nth Cottesloe Surf Club provided a rubber ducky to take the ashes off shore with IRB captain doing the honours of taking Neil and ashes out to the reef off the beach. Several club ski paddlers also went out.
2 club Scottish pipers , who knew Gypo well, were there piping them out and playing as ashes cast and as boat returned (you can hear them on the video below).
Afterwards small group gathered to end ceremony. Neil and President of club spoke and then we dispersed.
Crum & Crumpet
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