125 May 2011 – Penile Dementia @Manly Dam

Section 3 – Shelter 33 Manly Dam – lovely spot,  fire place,  lots of firewood, shelter, table, water views, plenty of parking, Loo close at hand.   Everything the Hashers could ask for.

A good turn out took off clockwise around the dam after a comprehensive pre-hash address i.e. half way bucket,  long trail etc etc.   There was no mention of most of the trail being under water.

The trail more or less followed the track around the dam, a few devastating check backs, wonderful waterfalls,  the halfway bucket about two thirds of the way around on a rock ledge with wonderful vista of the area and then home along the bridge, passed the playground, ducks, swans, water hens to the camp site.

Small groups dribbled in just before sun set (yes it was a lovely day),  and suprisingly everyone finished the trail,  not too many made the half way stop (some talk of the Hare perving at the runners along the way and turned up late for his own bucket) and there very few grumbles about the wet feet – geez mate,  we’re Hashers!      No-body whinged about the length of the trail.

Donga supervised the Anniversary Jackets.

Lots of chatta with the beer and champagne in hand as the sun went down,  an hilarious circle with Calici taking the helm,

Down Downs for:

Hare:   setting the trail and only using 2/3rds cup of flour.

Visitors:  Doc. Sex on Legs

Repeated down downs:   Klangers,  Sex on Legs and Robyn Hood for talking in the circle

Thanks:   Ashmore, Mother, Calici and Hanoi Bill for the gas bottles and burners

Thanks:  (should have been but I forgot) Robyn Hood for the use of her huge saucepan.

Next Run:  Breathless –

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