124 April 2011 – Crumb, Donga & Seaman @Queenscliff

NBH3 10th Anniversary Run – 3rd April 2011 – Run 124

Hares: Donga, Crum and Seaman

The special anniversary spray jacket was a big hit and new stocks have been ordered to meet the huge demand.
Circle started with the Hash Prayer and a short history lesson…..

“The first run was on 6th April 2001 at Shelly Beach. Donga and LSD decided to find Rusky Doodle an Australian squeeze as the Russian Bride trips were not working. They thought an advertisement in the local paper for a new Hash on the Northern Beaches would do the trick. Unfortunately the gorgeous young things who turned up took one look at the old codgers and didn’t come back for a second try”

Geo presented the two founders with a laminated copy of the original Manly Daily advertisement.

First hashers: Stormwater, Kaffir, Inky, Stiff One, Buddah, Floss & Donga

All previous and current GMs present as follows.

  1. DONGA,
  2. LSD
  4. KAFFIR.


BUGLE (50 runs) Yakity – 72 Crumpet – 73 Seaman – 59 Siberia – 57 Stormwater – 50 All Fours – 49

SILVER TANKARD (100 runs) Crum – 102

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS: Robin Hood for being the very best Hash Fork.

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