123 March 2011 – Yakkity Yak & Calici Virus @St Ives

It really was a good trail!   Very long,  lots of fun,  treacherous and designed for mountain goats.   We should have been aware when one of the hares  arrived back just as the troop’s gathered, covered in bloody scrapes.

Visitors aplenty,  dogs a plenty and Northern Beaches regulars set out from the eastern side of St. Ives at 4.00pm for the last time this season – a little reminder to all that daylight saving finishes the first Saturday of April.

Across Acron oval into the bush,  along fire trails, through creeks,  down  uncharted territory – read steep declines much suited to bottom sliding through the shiggy.  The pack stayed together for the first 30 minutes and then the inhospitable terrain spread the pack. The cliff climb at the very end where broken finger nails, knee skin and even tufts of hair, were left behind,  believe it or not gave us the energy to run for the bucket back over the hill on the far side of the oval to grab the thirst quenching Beveridge.

Unbelievably, dear Darwin Don finished the trail in good time though there was concern at one stage he would be upended by an excitable canine. Crumpet you really are a very thoughtful guide.

And how can you tell it’s a really good trail?  The pack arrives back bloody, sweaty, exhausted but happy and gay.


Inky recited the prayer

The Barmaids were chastised for not having the down downs prepared – what barmaid?

Seaman was called on to describe the run:  the similarity with the Himalayas brought back wonderful memories – he marvelled at the rainbow colours, merry hashmen and then rambled on about the gay mardi gras – and gave it 9.5.    He as obviously a very satisfied man!!!!!

Hares Yakity and Calici joined Seaman for a down down

Phantom was charged for having 2 behind the bushes (?)

Visitors:  Have You from Ottowa, Log Jam, Piece Perfect from Hong Kong, Dip Sticks Mother Martina a No-Name Gail

Rancid was charged for early stages of dementia,  she couldn’t remember hash names.

Blood on Trail – Darwin, Crumb and Yakkity.

From the Floor:

All Day Succour and Frostie – cruelty to animals

Cinderella and Donga – new shoes (tea bagged)

Cinderella – disrespect for the Posh Trail Markers

Starboard and Cinders – letting the pack go the wrong way and taking advice from Kiwis.

All the Kiwis – for being a Kiwi

Lovely tucker organised by Calici and I think Robin Hood had a hand in it somehow, enjoyed by the huge group who stayed for the on-after.

Next Run:    Anniversary Run – 3pm

Hare:  Crumb

Start: Queenscliff Surf Club

Special 10th Anniversary apparel included in the run cost.

  Following Run:  Penile Dementia supported by N.S.O.M.

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