122 February 2011 Siberia @Mosman

Run Report February 4th

It was thirty minutes before Siberia’s run when the storm hit – it rained, it blew and it was bloody uncomfortable.  But, they still ran………and walked………..but the arrows were gone and red and white plastic (?) tape was blown away.    Siberia willed them on from and so they came back, joyfully to Robin Hood’s smelly cheese and the ice-cold watermelon.

Well done Siberia, organising the restaurant courtyard for the bucket and on-after was really fortuitous – there was not another covered spot in whole of Headland Park.

The Grand Mattress decided to reverse the proceedings and the circle would come after the on-after – a decision made after adventuring to the bbq in a  squall to heat the left over hamburger meat from the Rydal weekend (no Siberia,  they were not sitting in Geo’s boot for the last two weeks).

At the Circle:

Inky gave the Hash Prayer

The GM gave the following down-downs

  • Hare,  washed out but fun trail
  • Calici for getting lost before the trail was called on.    He was commanded to look for the website next time and not to let it happen again
  • Next Week was introduced to Calici to confirm there really is a website
  • Hill of Grace for the unspeakable things which went on with a tennis ball and a hammer and frightening Pee Dub into going home before the on-after
  • Siberia and Penile Dementia for disappearing into the bush in the little red car and wanting Starboard to make up a threesome

From the Floor

  • Phantom for sneakily staying behind and devouring food during preparation and then joining the front runners at the end of the trail – no wonders he’s always one of the first home
  • Crum for leading the lost souls in the wilderness – blind leading the blind in fact.
  • Crum again for screaming No Shit On Me across Collaroy Beach during the ‘old peoples’ surf carnival

All down-downs ably accompanied by renditions from Penile Dementia and his song book.

New Tradition

Penile Dementia led ‘Sweet Chariot’ with singing and actions, humming and actions and silence and actions.

To be sung in future after the circle though hand, mouth, brain co-ordination  issues were very much in evidence and it could be a while before we are any competition to the Sweet Adeline’s .

Next Run

Yakkity Yak, St. Ives (Garigal National Park)

April Run

AGM Trail – 10th anniversary.

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