119 November 2010 – Last Card Louis @Oxford Falls

You can rely on the Posh members to come up with brilliant, difficult, exhausting, s..t scaring runs!  And Last Card Louis proved again he was a great Hare.

General comment – always wondered what ran along side Wakehurst Parkway – now we know.   The cliffs were steep and very slippery after all the rain,  lots of evidence of the Parks and Wildlife work being carried out on the western side of the Parkway making it slow going stomping through the kindling.

Only a few runners (Bondi,  Saddle Sore-who was the only Hasher wearing protective clothing, Phantom, Starboard) took the challenge, everyone else on the walkers trail which was the runners trail without the check backs (and a bit more) J  very clever.        It was too energy sucking for most to get up any speed as the energy was needed for bashing our way through the bush, climbing down the cliffs and then of course, back up again.   Lots of blood, scratches and bruises but not one complaint – either Last Card had bribed them or they really did enjoy it.

Nightwalker, Geo and All Fours grabbed everyone’s share of leaches – thank goodness there are still foolish smokers with matches still wheezing their way round the trails.

Penile Dementia managed the trail with brace in good time (where are those infamous faded shorts??) and Brengun came in at the back of the pack.     Darwin Don was so far back it was decided he was on next months run.

Yes, Darwin Don took everyone’s breath away and kept the admiration society going by completing the trail though I am sure if it hadn’t been for Crummy and Rancid and Geo he would still be out there keeping the leaches engorged.      Incidentally, Rancid had not a scratch on her???  (even Sadle Sore’s protective clothing didn’t prevent a gash on the shin).

After following a well laid pack of many cards, the two legged pack drifted back in dribs and drabs an hour and a half to two hours later to be met with cheese and bikies  and a full bucket of everything.

And then the on-on after the circle was an appreciagted pre-run to Christmas with Queen of Hearts providing roast lamb, ham and all the trimmings.   Amazing stuff in the middle of the bush.      The on-on grub standard is just amazing, week after week.    .


Geo had Last Card and Queen of Hearts up for a brilliant run and brilliant tucker

Inky said the hash prayer.


Rancid was heard to tell Darwin Don as she pushed him from the rear up one of the cliffs ‘no bunnies please!’

Darwin for head butting sacred rocks.

Brengun for being lazy and phoning for raging river instructions instead of reading the website.

Bondi accused the Trailmaster of short cutting the trail – who would have noticed or cared!

Cinders for having very precise creases in his running shorts – at the end of the trail.

Geo for getting one up on us all by going for a long cycle before the trail – how does she do it?


Geo announced the January weekend away would be at a Blue Mountains retreat on January 14th and 15th.  A place all to ourselves on a 3 acre property.    More information later but as there will be limited accommodation, best to get in early.

Briefly – Arrive Friday night – self fed.   Saturday – B/fast, run a.m. , p.m. afternoon to yourself to enjoy the environment, BBQ dinner.  Sunday – B/fast, Springwood walk with packed lunch provided.

$25.00/night/person accommodation and food.


The regular (becoming so) raffle tickets were sold and the large collection of ‘good stuff’ included two bottles of Cab. Sav.       Thanks to Quiet Achiever for the ‘stuff’ and Stormy for the Cab Sav.


Christmas Run 5th December.   Porter Reserve, Newport.     A re-run of the wonderful run set by Himaloafer and Night Walker in July which was missed by most as it was Interhash time.

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