118 October 2010 – Pee Dub @Red Hill

A brilliant run on a brilliantly hideous day.

PDub managed to bring the rain with him, once again, to the top of Red Hill. Great spot after all the rain with lots of tangled wildflowers and wet grass to slip on. He and XXXX marked out a challenging but really nice trail.

There was a total mix up with the start time – previous run and website showed post-daylight saving, the run reminder showed pre-daylight saving. NSOM had arrived early expecting to play Frisbee with Geo and the early arrivers to discover the pack was taking off right on 3.00pm. P.Dementia back from northern NSW and Rancid arrived late and ran their own race.

Bang on 3.00pm the heavens opened up – but of course we are Hashers and the slippery sodden water logged track didn’t deter a single sole.

The adage, ‘everyone for themselves in the hash’ was very true on the slopes of Red Hill. Yakkity set off wearing his very spiffy Posh rain jacket, but blow me, would he give it up to a drenched damsel – no way. And his running made, Calici made the very diplomatic comment ‘ we’ve seen you looking worse’!

Everyone followed the biodegradable loo paper (except the late starters, the very high quality of biodegradable loo paper draped around the bushes had all but biodegraded by the time they set off) and in rain which didn’t give up until we’d almost finished the fact that everyone ran the complete trail was a fantastic achievement.

Cinders totally lost himself in the field of wildflowers and had to be reminded he was a F.R.B., not a plant sniffer.

Yakkity, Quiet Achiever, Calici arrived at the Moonscope and spent a good ten minutes looking aimlessly for the trail markers until Hand Job put them out of their misery by pointing out the very obvious ‘on back’ marking laid out in twigs!

Almost back at the start, Geo, Hand Job and NSOM came across the braced up P.Dementia courageously struggling along the water covered track (he started at 4.00pm). The rain stopped at this point so when Rancid arrived (also at 4.00pm) she took off like a rocket and managed to do most of the lower part of the trail even though there was no loo paper trail for her to use.

Geo called a very quick circle, the hares were acknowledge the run report included “too many flowers, not enough puddles, not enough rain, too many rocks but wonderful views at the top of the ridge” But of course, you wouldn’t want to know it, while we stood in a cirlcle and as Starboard did her thing preparing the repast the rain bucketed again. Mention was made of Hand Job’s impending trip to Cambodia and the return of Spurt and Penile Dementia and then Geo decided it was too wet to go through charges so she called an end to the first of the daylight saving runs, which started at 3.00pm.

Thanks heaps Starboard for valiantly slogging over the camp stove and providing us with a very welcome, extremely hot and delicious soup, thick enough to be a hot pot with lots of squishy rolls to dunk. It was good enough for most of us to go back for thirds! Robin Hood, who is hoping her waiting period is nearly over, braved the odds and brought another appreciated cheese platter.


P.S. Hand Job has established ‘Barbara’s Library’ in a small village and every year provides more library books and many bags of clothing for the young children. She has made arrangements with the airlines to give her additional baggage allowance to take as much as she can on the plane on her annual trip and has also made contact with a shipping group who will give her some space in their shipments for anything else she collects. If you have good quality books, toys and children’s clothing you no longer need, please contact Hand Job at the North Shore Wanders Hash or Northern Beaches Hash on the first Sunday of the month.

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