117 Sepember 2010 – Yakkity Yak & Robin Hood @North Curl Curl

The mob arrived in dribs and drabs, plenty of Running Sharks, some North Shore Wanders and a number of POSH (but where was Darwin Don?). Day was lovely, even mild one could say. The good turnout must have been because our very own Master Chef was one of the hares.

The starting point was where many of us had spend many hours watching our little darlings we knew were worthy of making the Diamonds netball team if only the selectors would see their exceptional talent.

We headed off through the burbs along Playfair street, up and over towards Dee Why Heights. Last Card Louis was in fine form, keeping up a good fast pace – passing the Lazy Sunday Runners (running the walkers trail) a number of times along the trail.

The trail took us down to the southern end of DY beach, across The Strand past the swimming pool and rock pool, through Headland Park and onto one of the prettiest coastal walks in Sydney. Great choice Yakkity and Robyn. At this point the group spread out, some preferring to admire the coastline and watch their footing whilst others raced ahead making the most of being the F.R.B’s whilst L.C.L was still trying to work out how to stay in front and as Cinders was trying to work out how to make his run to overtake and keep up his tradition of first home (Cinders and our estimed leader were late starters). Singapore Sling was in fine mettle too, there was a comment made about him preparing for the Commonwealth Games marathon which he didn’t deny though I’m not sure he’d want to be on the team at this point!

The trail home took some of us to the southern side of Curl Curl Lagoon and across the bridge to the bucket. Some of us took the northern side of the C.C.L. and took the short/high road home, which in actual fact was about the same distance.

A great trail, lots of green, coastal views, just the right distance and then the feast after the bucket when we got back.

BUT I MIGHT ASK ……………………………………..

· Who was the Hashman who attempted to suck up to the Octogenarian in the park, admiring her mangy octogenarian doggy – could this Hashman have needed her zimmer frame or her motorised wheelchair to get him home???

· Who was the Hashman who succumbed to the charms of the very attractive young mum who looked deeply into his eyes and asked whether he was a marathon runner? Our marathon man sucked up his chest, puffed up his biceps and said he’d be more than happy to carry her pram down the steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Geo gathered the Circle and Inky was called for the Hash Prayer to settle everyone down. And settle down they did, so much so no one realised Inky was reciting the ‘real’ Lords Prayer until he pulled himself together almost at the end!!

· The hares were called and thanked for a really good trail, was no mark given because it was in the ‘markless’ (as in ‘priceless’) range?

· Last Card Louis was charged for ‘hats in circle’

· Someone wanted to know what the extra arrows pointing into the bush were for – THEY WERE WEE WEE STOPS so those with ‘handy things to take to a picnic’ didn’t disgrace us when caught short.

· Crumb complained it was the first time in 10 years he didn’t have a map so he couldn’t cheat.


· Last Card Louis charged the smokers, Inky, Donga and some one else for smoking down wind

· Danish Blue charged Himalopher for being on fire – the circle decided he would grow much better if he put out the pipe.

· Quiet Achiever for competitive running – he had to get over the need to pass everyone on the trail.

· Cinders for petting and starting ‘grab a granny’ week


Kaffr2 brought out the first of the monthly raffles to raise the balance of the coffers:

1st prize – bottle of beaut bubbly: Phantom

2nd price – t.shirt, washed: Siberia

3rd price – t.shirt, unwashed: NSOM

Robyn Hood as usual dished up a fantastic repast – dips and nibbles during the bucket is fast becoming the norm (well Stormwater and Rancid did do it last week). There were unbelievably good tacos with all the trimmings and then gourmet cheeses to finish off. Was this the reason the on-after lasted for many hours or was it just the banter which become more and more raunchy as the beer was consumed –

Seaman was volunteered as Geo just knew he would be champing at the bit to set a trail as soon as he got back into the country, but Pee Dub has taken the reins instead.

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