116 August 2010 – Stormwater & Rancid @Colloroy

The day was warm and there was a fine turn out well before the run began. Stormwater and Rancid had planned a lovely run around the Collaroy and Long Reef area. Hats off to Stormwater who injured herself nastily at Interhash, for devising a really picturesque trail with Rancid.

The pack set off from the beach across Pittwater Rd to Alexander St much to the amusement of the locals and tourists out enjoying the jolly good weather. A group of men and women wearing Hash House Harrier t.shirts the reputation alone could be enough to scare anyone – if only they knew, just a load of old codgers doing family friend activities, not even naughty songs at the circle.

We spread out very early in the piece, but the cleverly positioned checks brought us back together almost all the way. Around the back of Collaroy, up and around The Pittwater House Schools and then down to Pittwater Rd again at Long Reef. There had been a number of view stoppers but nothing like the vista from the L.R. Golf Course which only those of us who stayed on trail experienced. It was a long rather hilly course and the wimps amongst us who knew the area, ran actually that should be meandered north along Pittwater Rd back to the beach. The hardy harriers who stayed on trail followed the road around the top of D.Y lagoon across to the Long Reef Beach, through the bush to the L.R. golf course and along the purpose built path up to the whale watching point. From there, down to the club house passed the pelicans and the boat ramp, along the sand of Collaroy Basin, over the point, passed the Stanley & Florence Twight Reserve Rock Pool (becha didn’t know it was called that!) and back to the start line. There were lots of S.C.B.’s by the number already home (said the F.R.B.’s) who missed out on the wonderful views back towards Manly and up to Bungan Headland and beyond.

Once again, well done Stormy and Rancid, it was a really enjoyable afternoon hash, commented on by everyone.

There were a number of late comers including Mr. & Mrs. Scudd. A number of disabled, Robyn Hood, Inky, Darwin. A courageous/beggar for punishment, Kaffir2 straight back from the Larrikins Christmas in July celebration. A good contingent from the Northern Wanders and the Posh.

Geo had to do her school maam act to get the circle together – the Hares had treated us to a very substantial, professional entre whilst we had our recovery drink. Wouldn’t it be nice if this became a habit.

· Inky said the Hash Prayer. I’m not sure whether it was his righteousness, religiousness (?) or his Sundayness but off he meandered into The Lords Prayer , unnoticed by the ‘low lifes’ which reinforces how family friendly it really is.

· Crumpet gave the run report. She said she ran up a section, down a section and along a section, onto the sand and through the green. She gave the run 9/10.

Geo then called for the Charges:

· Mr. & Mrs. Scudd were fined for not having a late pass and then tried to avoid the down down by flashing around a $30.00 bribe.

· Charge for the disabled, Robyn Hood, Inky, Darwin and Stormwater . Darwin should have been charged twice for showing his new knees and then trying to show us something else – .

· Frosty for not having water for her dog, and then filling it with beer – the way he lapped it down it wasn’t a new event for him.

· Singapore Sling for an early birthday cheer.

· Geo for kisses, but I can’t remember what that was about!

· Centrepoint for urinating on trail, something no one else would dream of ever doing!

Rancid, Stormwater and Robyn Hood had prepared wonderful hotpots and we all dug in, a large group stayed around catching up, well into the early evening.

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