115 July 2010 – Himaloafer & Nightwalker @Bilgola Beach

Up – up – up,  along, down,  up – up –up down,    OK folks,  that’s the run report this month.

It was actually a brilliant run,  there were so many away, sick, Interhash etc, I think we should do it again in spring.

There seemed to be endless kilometres of up hill work, but when we hit the green patches it was all worth it.   The trail took us up from the northern sands of Bilgola Beach across to Attunga Reserve, up again between Avalon and Clareville into the amazing Angophora Reserve which some of us would have miss if it wasn’t for the insistence of Matilda,  where all the runners congregated to recover and enjoy the wonderful stream and rain forest bushland.   Out of the ferns and green stuff and into the streets overlooking Clareville, up again to the reservoir reserve.   And then finally down – the many steps to the Crown of Newport Reserve to Newport Beach.

The Hare placed the trail south along Pittwater road to the zebra crossing, but those of us whose legs, lungs and bladders were demanding a short cut, braved the Eastern suburbs Sunday drivers and raced across the four lane highway at the Northern end of the beach, only to realise the trail went up again over the headland to Bilgola.    Bugga!       At this point the back runners became front runners but when we reached the top of the headland  the back runners became the front runners again.

It was again a cold miserable afternoon but the wonderful views, the amazing reserves and the camaraderie of the small pack made it a great run – a standing ovation to the Hares,  Him loafer and Night Walker.

The Bucket and on-on, sitting on the wall or stand around the portable stove overlook the dark, stormy ocean could have been romantic if it wasn’t so jolly cold.   Night Walker had prepared two amazingly good hot soups and home made flat bread so we were warm inside if not out.

Congratulations to you both – I really do hope we can do it again.

Inky gave the hash prayer, Bushman gave the run report and a score of 9.5.


All Fours




Geographically Naïve



Night Walker


Stiff One – – didn’t pay




Cinders:           BIG NOTING.    made sure everyone new he was the trailmaster by putting a C next to the arrows.

All Fours:        ILLEGAL SALES WOMAN.   Selling possum sox on the (not so) quiet


Inky:               PRIVATE PARTYING with Stiff One.

Bushman:        DEMENTED MAP READER.  Discovered ¾ of the way through the trail the trail map he’d been carrying since the start.

Matilda:          KNOW ALL.  For insisting we go along the street through Angophora Reserve instead of going straight down the stairs towards home, because it was an extra special place – a really good decision.

Crumpet:         BOSSY BOOTS.  Demanding Neil (said in strong voice) check the trail!

Crum:              For not making the walkers do IT!

Siberia:            IN ABSENTEE – when we discovered there were no drinks for the down downs we realised we missed her!

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