114 June 2010 – Hand Job and Quiet Acheiver @Narrabeen

On the wettest, coldest Sunday this year,  a fantastic turn up of Hashers from a variety of clubs sat huddled in cars, shelters and anywhere they could protect themselves from the grey elements waiting for the call from the Hares.

Quiet Achiever and Just Johnny from the Northern Wanders volunteered for the June run and by mid afternoon Sunday I’m sure they were wishing they had not put their hands up!         But even in the miserable conditions they set an adventurous trail.

16 hardy starters set off toward Narrabeen Lake, ultimately going in a big circle.   Starting back at the beginning, the pack still together, looking skyward in trepidation as  precipitation was anticipated, the  arrows and flour took us along to the caravan park,  through murk and mire (playing fields in dryer times) and back up to the suburban streets.    By now the arrows were not identifiable as the rain had got considerably heavier – the Hare came to the rescue and ‘live-hared’ the rest of the trail up around the headland for those who didn’t consider themselves wet enough and wanted to continue.

The pack straggled back in looking for something to warm their cockles, Geo and Rancid headed for the coffee shop, the rest headed for the hard stuff;   the Hares had provided greatly appreciated nibbles to go with the bucket until the ‘gather round’ call was made.   Mongrel suggested we have the circle in the ladies loo as there was a big area we could all fit into – now I ask you,  how did Mongrel know there was “ big area we could all fit into in the ladies loo”?

The G.A. allowed hats on for the circle,  Himaloafer gave the run report and declared it the best ever giving if 11 out of 10.

  • The visitors, Loco and Horny Hash told us about themselves.
  • Darwin Don was welcomed back from medical leave,   boy that man lookers fitter than ever!
  • Cinderella, Yakkity and Calici joined us after completing the 16km Nosh Run and Cinders was congratulated for coming first in his class – well done!
  • There were no charges as everyone wanted to get into the deliciously tantalising sausage, onion and salad rolls that had been cooking away whilst the circle was going on.   All in all there were 24 Harriers who thanked  Just Johnny and Hand Job for a really appreciated repast.

Footnote:    Two police cars were in the adjacent parking area but the owners were not were to be seen,   it was wondered if a local had  reported the group of loonies, standing in the freezing cold rainy afternoon partying on regardless of the weather – actually it could have been the surf club members (who were holding a wake after scattering ashes off the coast) after we refused their kind invitation to move to their warm dry premises

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