113 – May 2010 – Geo Naive, Cinderella & Robin Hood – East Killara

Around 30 eager Hashers took off at a run along the edge of the playing fields and down the Churchill Rd towards Garigal National Park, so far down in fact Rainbow couldn’t wait and made Frostie carry the poo bag until she could sneak it into a local’s bin waiting for Monday pickup.

Into the bush and left down the 20 odd steps and right along the trail to find a check back – true trail nowhere in site. When it was realised the walkers were steadily moving on past the top of the steps the front running dumb bunnies pulled themselves back up and joined the back of the pack. P.D. with two bandages on damaged knee, made the bottom of those stairs before giving up on finding trail, turned tail and went back to see if the bucket had arrived, running into a very late Candlesticks with trusty bugle in hand, racing to catch up.

Runners T.M. Yakkity had no chalk, i.e. no way of marking off the checks, so if you couldn’t keep up you had to decipher the checks yourself. Walkers T.M. Siberia, with map in hand, got herself thoroughly lost and should have been charged at the circle for the whining to Crum that ensued.

Luckily the trail was clearly marked with toilet paper and chalk and took the combined pack off the beaten track, through the bush, almost straight down to the creek through very slippery gum leaves and mossy rocks. Heavily pregnant Rachel +1, due to give birth that very day, was worrying everyone except her entourage as she kept good pace all the way. At a fork in the trail the walkers went off to the left on the beaten track wending their way back to civilisation, whilst the runners discovered they should have too, when their trail took them along a narrow track and then straight up the side of the cliff over fallen trees and rocks. Eventually back on the bitumen with the encouraging ‘on home’ chalk marks keeping us climbing the last two km up Cuncliffe Rd to Koola Ave, another very steep incline.

No idea who arrived home first, it certainly wasn’t me. (I’m told it was Trust Me followed by All Day) Crum & Calici were most debonair and lent a hand to the damsels on the really tough bits, Cummy kept an eye on Rachel + 1 and the tongue-tied Alex; Candlesticks blew his own trumpet whenever he thought he should and we all wandered home eventually – after a really great run through virgin bush (for a lot of us), lovely views down over middle harbour and a good work out for all. Well done Cinders and Geo.

Back at the camp the numbers swelled and an hilarious circle led by our new G.M. Geo and RA Calici was followed by a delicious pasta and red wine supper with cheese and biscuits for afters. All provided by Robin Hood proving she really is the best at managing a huge swell of Hashers at the end of the run without dishing up watery offerings.

Trail maps courtesy of Quiet Achiever


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Scrummy for More from USA via Southern Highlands via Okinawa. Lecherous from Bangkok Red Shirt Hash


Jo from Jo’burg – Calici and Jo shared something on their knees. Rachel who came along to induce +1, but didn’t Alex who came along to care for Rachel & +1

Run Report:

Brengun gave the Hare Cinders 9.85 for one of the best trails he’d been on. Cinders will send him a cheque in the mail.Trust Me and Last Card Louie for too much complaining

Down Downs:

Red Shirts (Hanoi Bill, Quiet Achiever, PD, Singapore Sling) /Yellow Shirts (Trust Me & Lecherous) for no other reason than the colour of their T.Shirts.

PD for his last NBH3 run, standing on his head, Inky holding his legs, Calici holding the beer.

Mongrel for suggesting PD stand on his head for his down-down.

And from the circle …….

Crummy called Just Johnny and Candlesticks who were reading the map upside down and got lost and Candlesticks for leaving the pregnant pair and Crummy to struggle on their own in the wilderness.

Lecherous called Frostie for carrying a bag of shit around with her

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