112 April 2010 – No Shit on Me @Narrabeen Lakeside

We gathered around the playground by Narrabeen lake in various forms of bunny outfits seeing it was not only the Easter run set by our virgin hare NO SHIT ON ME as well as the AGPU. Off we went, in and out and along the Narrabeen beach front with FRB (front running bunny) INSPECT YOUR GADGET leading the pack. With NEXT WEEK’S superior hashing skills he cut along the road rather than risk getting sand in his shoes.

The trail then cut back across the very busy Pittwater Road, then up a slight incline and there was in front of us was the ‘Stairway leading to Heaven’ (more like 378 steps to hell!!) At which point CINDERELLA whizzed past in leaps and bounds up the steps – not that that he was competing! At the top, there was a scenic view over the Narrabeen lakes and northern beaches and there was the oasis – a small water stop.

We continued our journey up more hills until we reached some virgin trail territory at the expansive War Vets village at which NEXT WEEK proudly pointed out to SADDLE SORE and ALL FOURS that he had seen a digger (the mechanical variety!)

Some more well paved roads winding down along some bush tracks led us to the halfway bucket of G and T’s served by PENILE DEMENTIA. After a refreshing drink, we headed along the bush tracks that wound along the lake. Passing PEE DUB, I heard him ask CENTRE POINT whether he’s experienced pulling ticks out of his balls….. stranger things have and can happen!!

Caught up with YAKKITY YAK and PHANTOM when they picked up the pace along the lake’s edge, on the homeward bound to the bucket. CINDERELLA was mighty proud that he received good reactions from the public regarding his one floppy bunny ear! We were rewarded with Hot Cross Buns and Easter eggs.

A great run – thanks NO SHIT ON ME!

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