111 March 2010 – Seaman @Beacon Hill

111th Run Report 7th March: Seaman Beacon Hill Top run

It was a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon when the pack started gathering in the carpark at the Beacon Hill Reserve but there was no sign of the hare. Eventually Lost Patrol remembered that the run started up the hill at the Gov Phillip Lookout. Once up the hill, we found the rest of the pack. There Seaman gave us instructions on how he marked the runners (red) and walkers (yellow no green no pink – whatever) bio-degradable plastic strips – not. He did promise though that he would go and collect the strips before boarding the plane to Thailand.

The actual run got off to a hesitant start with very few of the plastic strips to be seen. Down the hill we, well some ran, most ambled, went passing a terrific soccer match. Here the front runners, including Cinders, were too busy running to look for arrows indicating the trail but did manage to get across Willandra even if at the wrong place. We then ran around a few streets before crossing a bridge to get into some bush to get us to the next street. Here Siberia, watching half a dozen hashers running up the street, obviously on trail, plaintively calling out,” are we on?”

Then it was down a bush trail to the eponymously name d “Famous figure eight” which no one ran because the out trail was visible from the in trail.

Now the pack headed up Lady Penrhyn Drive where the walkers rejoined the runners and headed into the bush on a fire trail. Off in the distance Centrepoint and Pee Dub kept heading up the file trail ignoring the red strips indicating the trail. On the way down the hill on the bike tracks there was great reluctance by most of the pack to check out the “Decision Trails”, in fact, Cinders did them all.

From here it was a straight forward run home for most of the pack. Most that is, except NSOM who somehow lost trail with only a few blocks to go.

Once home, the best thing that the scribe saw was the bucket being carried towards the scribe who then had a well earned beer along with the other runners.

Finally Seaman served up delicious meal of baked potatoes smothered in chilli con carne

Well done Seaman and enjoy your time in Thailand.

Yakkity Yak

Those present at March run were:

All Fours, Ashmore, Calici Virus, CentrePoint, Cinderella, Danish Blue, Geo Naive, Hand Job, Hanoi Bill, Himaloafer, Inky, Kaffir, Last Card Louis, Lost Patrol, Next Week, Nightwalker, NSOM, Pee Dub, Penile Dementia, Phantom, Quiet Achiever, Robin Hood, Seaman, Siberia, Yakkity Yak

Visitors: Queen of Hearts (better half of LCL) and Tooth Fairy

Downs Downs from March run:

Seaman – Well marked, good run though not sure of the walkers run (think Hanoi Bill found it)

Queen of Hearts – Visitor (Tooth Fairy flew off)

Phantom – Holding up the lamp post and obviously loitering

Calici Virus – No trail, so canot go the wrong way… excuse

Hanoi Bill – Hogging walker’s map, persistance in finding trail

Quiet Achiever – New shoes

Hand Job – publicity activity

Last Card Louis, Robin Hood, Pee Dub and Siberia – for the vodka train

John (from Wanderers) and Terry have notched their 2nd runs and we keenly await the return of Margaret!

Running Shark
Hash Prayer
(uttered before the Down Downs)

    Our lager,
Which comes from Heaven
Hallowed be thy aim.

Thy will be drunk,
In the Down Downs, and also in the tavern.

Give us this day our foamy head,
And forgive us all our spillages,
As we forgive those who spill against us.

And lead us not into deprivation,
But deliver us from hangovers.

For thine is the ale,
the bitter and the lager.

Forever and ever
On On

Outgoing Hash Committee:  

Grand Master  Kaffir

Assistant GM & Hash Beer Crum

Hash Steward       Calici Virus

Assistant Steward       Breathless

Religious Advisor       Inky

On Sec       Donga

Hash Scribe       Yakkity Yak

Assistant Scribe       Geo Naïve      

Hash Cash Stiff One

Hash Barmaid       Siberia

Assistant Barmaid       Stormwater

Hash Music       Next Week

Assistant Music Penile Dementia

Hash Flash       All Fours

Hash Fork       Seaman


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