214 September 2018 – Kitty Litter @Beacon Hill

Hare: Kitty Litter
Caterer: Three Swigs

GM MONGREL arrived early to find the warmest place at the start as the second day of spring was still decidedly wintry even though the sun had replaced the morning rain. Warmest spot was declared right by the first Hash arrow pointing vertically up a cliff face! Hare KITTY LITTER gave a few words of run explanation and demonstrated the easiest way to do the ‘only tricky bit’ of the vertical start – and almost came a cropper himself. PHANTOM climbed up to demonstrate it more agilely but suspect he just wanted a head start as the straight up start produced a huge tail back with the pack well strung out puffing and panting.

At the stupendous views from the Lookout the runners and walkers parted even further as the walkers dutifully stopped to admire the view and even take some photos. Your Scribe being a non-runner due to a slight accident getting into a boat (actually not getting into it, which was the problem), set off as quickly as she could which meant she was almost as fast as the runners and certainly faster than the walkers, so after 30 mins solitary marching she was bemused to find the runners and the walkers ahead of her. Only on the Hash. I suspect it happened at a very cunning loop where the run actually came back on itself and only careful marking by TM ALL FOURS after a 30 minute briefing from the Hare just before the run ensured scribe STARBOARD did the whole loop. Not so the rest of the walkers. Considering we were never very far from the start the run made excellent use of stairs and bush between roads. On a small piece of bushland a non-Hashing pair were learning the rudiments of golf strokes and after being disturbed by the 4th lot of people going through them looked as if they may use their clubs for something else. A long run round a soccer pitch was shortcutted by everyone except the Scribe then most people short cut the final loop round the park at the start to come back down the original up. That’s what happens when they can see the bucket one way and the home trail stretching the other way!!

Drinks were brought out and KITTY LITTER feverishly cut up the last tomatoes as the sun had left the park and it was even colder, so the circle and food were needed promptly. Undeterred by the cold HIMALOAFER stripped off his sweaty shirt supposedly discreetly – right in front of everyone. But luckily he covered up quickly and the GM having returned we could hurry up proceedings.

As it was Father’s Day the GM called for all fathers and grandfathers to come up, then had to add great grandfathers after discovering HIMALOAFER was one. Of course he was also a grandfather and father but difficult to be in 3 places at once though he did try to have a down down with each group. Not so silly.

Not counting MONGREL as he was in charge of proceedings we appeared to have 1 great grandfather, 8 grandfathers and 3 fathers of which one was reluctant and BONDI asked if it included those fighting paternity suits. PHANTOM said he was trying to become a father as he and SIBERIA got quite close trying to keep warm. KITTY LITTER thought he’d won the ultimate down down for having the most grandchildren – 3 – till he was soundly trumped (get it) by LAST CARD LOUIS who had 10!! Several hours later after all those down downs we got to the run report.

SADDLE SORE started the report but as she admitted to arriving late and missing the worse loop she was booed off. As was HIMALOAFER who said the run went up, went round, then went down giving it a 6.

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