215 October 2018 – Bren Gun @Little Manly

215 October 2018 – Bren Gun @Little Manly

Hare: Bren Gun              
Caterers: Taken Orally and Cynthia

Not only was it still cold, it was pissing with rain and very windy.  Not surprisingly a small turn out though just beat last year’s October run which coincided with the long weekend and the Manly Jazz Festival thereby giving NEXT WEEK an excuse not to run.  Not so this year when this week NEXT WEEK showed up!  Hare Bren Gun mentioned his well set run was washed out but he had several maps in plastic covers. Of more concern to him was what to do with the 6 chooks that had been cooked that morning as he’d been told to cater for 20!!  Also where to eat them as the only shelter in the gas works car park was under a noticeboard showing what native flora and fauna could be encountered – and that barely covered people standing up squeezed together let alone trying to eat and enough elbow room for a few drinks.  Little Manly Kiosk came to the rescue as it was noted it closed at 3pm and chairs, tables and cover could be used.  With the essentials decided we were off with TM ALL FOURS choosing to walk with a brolly and GEO just walking. 

Given it was really shit weather there were a lot of arrows and flour still visible but all checks and on backs were basically ignored – easy with a map in hand.  CINDERS and STARBOARD did the whole run, meeting up with WHITE POINTER outside Manly Hospital claiming he’d lost the trail.  Personally I just don’t think he could keep up!  No one knows where PHANTOM and PEE DUB disappeared to but they did get back wet.  What would have been a beautiful summer run up in the bush round North Head was just a good solid run, but welcome nonetheless as it got us outside being healthy!

Little Manly Kiosk proved a godsend though the wind still whistled past us and with no ceremony whatsoever the chooks, green salad and potato salad were hoovered up even before the liquids flowed and the circle was called.  Proving how cold it was no champagne or white wine was opened, little beer required so a huge run on the red wine, needing 2 replacement trips to the Hash Bucket car.  Partly because one bottle was diabolical, but mostly because the wind kept blowing cups over!!

Stomachs filled and red wine still flowing (all over the place) the circle was called by stand in GM/RA NEXT WEEK.

The run report was given by ALL FOURS who was allowed to do so as she walked the whole run.  Got a pretty good report. She and the hare BREN GUN were down downed. Next came the charges.

ALL FOURS charged by GEO for marking off the trail so well she found it dead easy to follow, and as a reward presented ALL FOURS with a present – her brolly cover she’d dropped.

XXXX was down downed for getting to the run so quickly after a hip replacement.  He said he’d had to come to do Hash Cash as he didn’t trust STARBOARD!!

Visitors Cynthia (one of Bren Gun’s cooks) and Paul were suitably welcomed and forced to drink.

STARBOARD charged PHANTOM with overdoing the cheapness of the wine with the undrinkable bottle of red being discovered only costing him $2.85 from Aldi.  We should have given him a down down with it but we weren’t quick enough!


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