Í’m glad I arrived at the bowling club early for the run, as I was able to witness Crumb rolling in the mud. Why? you may ask, well numerous vehicles had become bogged in the parking area of the club. There were so many cars there that the Hash could not find parking. Crumb knew how to push some of the cars out to make room for us, so proceeded to shout orders at the stuck drivers while pushing vehicles. Now if you push foreward and the car goes backward it will run over you unless you slip into the mud and roll away. This Crumb did, while still shouting orders at the driver, who was an Indian taxi driver. This did not sit well with Crumb, so he abandoned the exercise and stomped away, while still shouting at the stuck Indian driver. No prizes for what he said.
So after that comedy sketch, it came down to where we could park…..an attempt was made to remove part of the fence, and much thought given to illegal parking. Not considered a good idea by the locals. Ultimately all was resolved and parking was secured.
The run was late getting away due to the Hare over-instructing details for the pack. But get away we did, and very soon it became a combination of street and bush trails. It was agreed there were no serious checks and progress was easy, A well marked trail made progress fluid with most pleasant trails to follow. The runners finished up being about 9 km and the second half I spent with Geo and Cinders, as the pack seemed to have all gone on the walkers, as we were not passed at all. The on in showed this was so, as we were the last in, and the circle was under way. Circles in the NBH3 wait for no man.
DDs for the Hares as this was a very good run, well thought out and enough exercise to keep warm in the sub-zero temps we are having these days.
In fact this was borne out by Crumpet, who said it was “fuckin’ freezing” .
A full meal at the on on has been discarded, and the GM said there will only be nibbles after each run from now on. What, no hot soup to enjoy on a cold afternoon with your friends??
Next Week and All Fours have sold up in Sydney. Cashed in for millions, I heard. So, volunteers needed for webmaster/trailmaster roles – don’t everybody rush foreward. There was a serious silence and it was resolved to postpone decisions. Just like a government. GM to handle.
With that it was time to remove the icicles and head home to have the missed meal.
Another successful run for the NBH3 which was enjoyed by 17 hardy souls.
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