August 2020 Run 235 – Crum in Manly Vale

Crum’s RUN Sunday 2nd August 2020
On the sunny side of Passmore Park, Manly Vale the Northern Beaches pack gathered in a very convenient spot.
Being Covid conscious, it was BYO chairs to be placed 1 1/2 metres apart and nibbles for the Bucket.
Crummy”s trail led us up the garden path- right around the sports grounds, giving the walkers an immediate opportunity to shortcut diagonally across the fields, twice.
Starboard was out of sight in a flash and arriving back at the Bucket in 35 minutes, she took off again.
Hilly terrain! Stairs leading  down and hills going up and plenty of ON BACKS and opportunities to shortcut, if you knew the area.
All back at the Bucket, nibbles were handed around and ‘The Scuds’ sat down to a  meal of roast meat and veggies.
Our new GM, Shortsheeter called for everyone to circle up, with hats off.
Bondi scored the run an 8 1/2. “Wow!” “What?” “8 1/2 out of 40?” queried Tripod.
Crummy, the Hare, was given two Down Downs. One for laying the trail and the other for his birthday and down’ed them simultaneously.
Virgin runner Alex, simply googled up ” hash on the Northern Beaches”. Were we really what she was looking for? Yes! A born Harriette, she needed no prompting when to swallow her Down Down.
Free Bucket and free birthday cake to five of the pack. Hashy Birthday to  Crummy, Geographically Naive , Phantom, NSOM and Kitty Litter.
” I need a committee” cried the GM and within minutes Phantom became the new Bucket Meister, Crummy crumbled to do Hash Cashing, Saddlesore the new Haberdasher, All Fours for Trailmastery ( again), Next Week for ON SEC and website and Tripod for RA.
And with the new committee formed, ShortSheeter announced the meeting over just as the cool night was setting in and the Moon aligned with Jupiter and Saturn.
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Scattering Don’s Ashes

Mission accomplished!

GYPO/Darwin Don/Donald Ernest Grenville is now home where he wanted to be in the sea out from the North Cottesloe Surf Club.
Sunday 5th April turned out overcast, however the sea was calm and flat. No wind. A playful seal had been frollicking over the reef area but had gone at 10.30am.
The Nth Cottesloe Surf Club provided a rubber ducky to take the ashes off shore with IRB captain doing the honours of taking Neil and ashes out to the reef off the beach. Several club ski paddlers also went out.
2 club Scottish pipers , who knew Gypo well, were there piping them out and playing as ashes cast and as boat returned (you can hear them on the video below).
Afterwards small group gathered to end ceremony. Neil and President of club spoke and then we dispersed.
Crum & Crumpet
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Feb 2020 – XXXX & Hill of Grace at Deep Creek Reserve

Feb 2020 – XXXX & Hill of Grace at Deep Creek Reserve

Attended by nineteen hashers

XXXX supplied the following trail description as follows in italics:-

The Trails were set on Mountain Bike Tracks as follows using track names from Trailforks

Runners and Walkers

Two Bridges; Deep Creek Connect – Check; Rust Bucket – Check; X Morgan Downhill; Loamsville – Check; Blackalicious – Check; Bennies accessed up a rope; V-B-Y connect – Check; Ya Mum – Part way up trail is split and walkers head right

Runners Only

Ya Mum; Bull Ant; Slippery Dip; Deep Creek Connection; X Bennies DH; Deep Creek; Two Bridges


VoVo’s; X Push Up; X Blackalicious – Check; X Morgan Down Hill; X Frenchies – Check; Rust Bucket; Happy Ending; Deep Creek Connect; Two Bridges


 X means we crossed the trail

– Check means check was placed at junction

The Star athlete of the day was Hanoi Bill who reached the bucket with a time of 59:59 exactly

He’ll Do and Starboard finished the run after 1:03 with He’ll Do complaining that he lost time going up Bennies DH following arrows set by the Posh three weeks previously which were single pointed and a different shape. Someone should have a word with He’ll Do to tell him that hashing is not a race and the philosophy of Hash is that the trail should keep everyone together. Kitty Litter finished the Walkers Trail in 1:14 and was not happy at being sent back out to find Three Swigs who was enjoying the afternoon stroll on her lonesome.

The On On was moved under cover by the toilets where we all enjoyed the food s prepared by Hill of Grace. Both trails were rated 10/10 but then marked down because XXXX was involved in the setting. Down Downs were administered to the hares and various other miscreants. Just as the On On was winding up the heavens opened up and all trace of NBH3 being there were washed away.

Map of the Feb 20 trail

By Anon

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