126 June 2011 – Breathless @North Balgowlah

The day dawned sunny and mild and the Hashers met on the road outside Breathless abode – not being sure of the address they assembled on two driveways, covering two bases to be sure.

Breathless emerged, pointed down the hill and yelled on-on.    Off we went, down towards Burnt Bridge Creek deviation, most chatting flat out as usual.   Old Hand, getting ready for her Coast to Coast walk decided she needed to join the athletes,  Penile Dementia wound up his brace and took off at a trot,  you’d never guess Mongrel was a knee replacement survivor.    Venerable disappeared over the hill into the wild blue yonder.    Crumpet was lost without Darwin to look after (still in the Middle East-what a man).    There was plenty of parkland and lots of hilly bitumen with enough checks to keep us together most of the way.   A good scenic trail, Breathless’ favourite walk we were told.     It was a perfect distance as the sun was pretty low as we made our way back to the bucket and the warmth of Breathless new Bunnings Burner.

Stormwater, Crumpet and NSOM got busy in the kitchen heating the grub prepared by Breathless – delicious pumpkin soup and chilli con carne –  whilst the bucket was hammered outside in the cold.         When the on-after was called the food disappeared like I’ve never seen before.   Everyone came back for seconds and very last scrap was eaten –  well done chief,  you and Robin Hood could hire yourselves out!

Circle Charges;

.                The hare – no song,  the songmeister had forgotten his words (P.Dementia)

.                Yakkity, Calici, Cinders for taking part in the Nash Hash instead of running with the Hash.

.                Centrepoint for attempting to look like an athlete by driving around with a kayak on the car roof .

.                Old Hand for telling the talkers she couldn’t stay with them, she needed to look good running with the althletes.

.                Penile Dementia for letting (and remembering) students play with his knee

.                Visitors:  chimney, Loco, Peru & Horny Hasher.

.                Loco for imitating the knitters at the French Revolution.

.                Donga for boasting about his big one

.                Kaffir2 for turning up!

Presentation of the Mile Marker Trophies:

Stiff One was given (her second) down-down for forgetting to take them to the Anniversary Run.


Yakkity,  Crumpet, All Fours, Stiff One, Stormy.



Raffle Winners:

Ring Master, Chimney, Donga, Ashmore, Mother, Calcici, Stiff One x 2, Geo Niave.

NEXT RUN – ALL FOURS. & NEXT WEEK – Clontarf Reserve Car Park – 3pm


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125 May 2011 – Penile Dementia @Manly Dam

Section 3 – Shelter 33 Manly Dam – lovely spot,  fire place,  lots of firewood, shelter, table, water views, plenty of parking, Loo close at hand.   Everything the Hashers could ask for.

A good turn out took off clockwise around the dam after a comprehensive pre-hash address i.e. half way bucket,  long trail etc etc.   There was no mention of most of the trail being under water.

The trail more or less followed the track around the dam, a few devastating check backs, wonderful waterfalls,  the halfway bucket about two thirds of the way around on a rock ledge with wonderful vista of the area and then home along the bridge, passed the playground, ducks, swans, water hens to the camp site.

Small groups dribbled in just before sun set (yes it was a lovely day),  and suprisingly everyone finished the trail,  not too many made the half way stop (some talk of the Hare perving at the runners along the way and turned up late for his own bucket) and there very few grumbles about the wet feet – geez mate,  we’re Hashers!      No-body whinged about the length of the trail.

Donga supervised the Anniversary Jackets.

Lots of chatta with the beer and champagne in hand as the sun went down,  an hilarious circle with Calici taking the helm,

Down Downs for:

Hare:   setting the trail and only using 2/3rds cup of flour.

Visitors:  Doc. Sex on Legs

Repeated down downs:   Klangers,  Sex on Legs and Robyn Hood for talking in the circle

Thanks:   Ashmore, Mother, Calici and Hanoi Bill for the gas bottles and burners

Thanks:  (should have been but I forgot) Robyn Hood for the use of her huge saucepan.

Next Run:  Breathless –

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124 April 2011 – Crumb, Donga & Seaman @Queenscliff

NBH3 10th Anniversary Run – 3rd April 2011 – Run 124

Hares: Donga, Crum and Seaman

The special anniversary spray jacket was a big hit and new stocks have been ordered to meet the huge demand.
Circle started with the Hash Prayer and a short history lesson…..

“The first run was on 6th April 2001 at Shelly Beach. Donga and LSD decided to find Rusky Doodle an Australian squeeze as the Russian Bride trips were not working. They thought an advertisement in the local paper for a new Hash on the Northern Beaches would do the trick. Unfortunately the gorgeous young things who turned up took one look at the old codgers and didn’t come back for a second try”

Geo presented the two founders with a laminated copy of the original Manly Daily advertisement.

First hashers: Stormwater, Kaffir, Inky, Stiff One, Buddah, Floss & Donga

All previous and current GMs present as follows.

  1. DONGA,
  2. LSD
  4. KAFFIR.


BUGLE (50 runs) Yakity – 72 Crumpet – 73 Seaman – 59 Siberia – 57 Stormwater – 50 All Fours – 49

SILVER TANKARD (100 runs) Crum – 102

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS: Robin Hood for being the very best Hash Fork.

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123 March 2011 – Yakkity Yak & Calici Virus @St Ives

It really was a good trail!   Very long,  lots of fun,  treacherous and designed for mountain goats.   We should have been aware when one of the hares  arrived back just as the troop’s gathered, covered in bloody scrapes.

Visitors aplenty,  dogs a plenty and Northern Beaches regulars set out from the eastern side of St. Ives at 4.00pm for the last time this season – a little reminder to all that daylight saving finishes the first Saturday of April.

Across Acron oval into the bush,  along fire trails, through creeks,  down  uncharted territory – read steep declines much suited to bottom sliding through the shiggy.  The pack stayed together for the first 30 minutes and then the inhospitable terrain spread the pack. The cliff climb at the very end where broken finger nails, knee skin and even tufts of hair, were left behind,  believe it or not gave us the energy to run for the bucket back over the hill on the far side of the oval to grab the thirst quenching Beveridge.

Unbelievably, dear Darwin Don finished the trail in good time though there was concern at one stage he would be upended by an excitable canine. Crumpet you really are a very thoughtful guide.

And how can you tell it’s a really good trail?  The pack arrives back bloody, sweaty, exhausted but happy and gay.


Inky recited the prayer

The Barmaids were chastised for not having the down downs prepared – what barmaid?

Seaman was called on to describe the run:  the similarity with the Himalayas brought back wonderful memories – he marvelled at the rainbow colours, merry hashmen and then rambled on about the gay mardi gras – and gave it 9.5.    He as obviously a very satisfied man!!!!!

Hares Yakity and Calici joined Seaman for a down down

Phantom was charged for having 2 behind the bushes (?)

Visitors:  Have You from Ottowa, Log Jam, Piece Perfect from Hong Kong, Dip Sticks Mother Martina a No-Name Gail

Rancid was charged for early stages of dementia,  she couldn’t remember hash names.

Blood on Trail – Darwin, Crumb and Yakkity.

From the Floor:

All Day Succour and Frostie – cruelty to animals

Cinderella and Donga – new shoes (tea bagged)

Cinderella – disrespect for the Posh Trail Markers

Starboard and Cinders – letting the pack go the wrong way and taking advice from Kiwis.

All the Kiwis – for being a Kiwi

Lovely tucker organised by Calici and I think Robin Hood had a hand in it somehow, enjoyed by the huge group who stayed for the on-after.

Next Run:    Anniversary Run – 3pm

Hare:  Crumb

Start: Queenscliff Surf Club

Special 10th Anniversary apparel included in the run cost.

  Following Run:  Penile Dementia supported by N.S.O.M.

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122 February 2011 Siberia @Mosman

Run Report February 4th

It was thirty minutes before Siberia’s run when the storm hit – it rained, it blew and it was bloody uncomfortable.  But, they still ran………and walked………..but the arrows were gone and red and white plastic (?) tape was blown away.    Siberia willed them on from and so they came back, joyfully to Robin Hood’s smelly cheese and the ice-cold watermelon.

Well done Siberia, organising the restaurant courtyard for the bucket and on-after was really fortuitous – there was not another covered spot in whole of Headland Park.

The Grand Mattress decided to reverse the proceedings and the circle would come after the on-after – a decision made after adventuring to the bbq in a  squall to heat the left over hamburger meat from the Rydal weekend (no Siberia,  they were not sitting in Geo’s boot for the last two weeks).

At the Circle:

Inky gave the Hash Prayer

The GM gave the following down-downs

  • Hare,  washed out but fun trail
  • Calici for getting lost before the trail was called on.    He was commanded to look for the website next time and not to let it happen again
  • Next Week was introduced to Calici to confirm there really is a website
  • Hill of Grace for the unspeakable things which went on with a tennis ball and a hammer and frightening Pee Dub into going home before the on-after
  • Siberia and Penile Dementia for disappearing into the bush in the little red car and wanting Starboard to make up a threesome

From the Floor

  • Phantom for sneakily staying behind and devouring food during preparation and then joining the front runners at the end of the trail – no wonders he’s always one of the first home
  • Crum for leading the lost souls in the wilderness – blind leading the blind in fact.
  • Crum again for screaming No Shit On Me across Collaroy Beach during the ‘old peoples’ surf carnival

All down-downs ably accompanied by renditions from Penile Dementia and his song book.

New Tradition

Penile Dementia led ‘Sweet Chariot’ with singing and actions, humming and actions and silence and actions.

To be sung in future after the circle though hand, mouth, brain co-ordination  issues were very much in evidence and it could be a while before we are any competition to the Sweet Adeline’s .

Next Run

Yakkity Yak, St. Ives (Garigal National Park)

April Run

AGM Trail – 10th anniversary.

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119 November 2010 – Last Card Louis @Oxford Falls

You can rely on the Posh members to come up with brilliant, difficult, exhausting, s..t scaring runs!  And Last Card Louis proved again he was a great Hare.

General comment – always wondered what ran along side Wakehurst Parkway – now we know.   The cliffs were steep and very slippery after all the rain,  lots of evidence of the Parks and Wildlife work being carried out on the western side of the Parkway making it slow going stomping through the kindling.

Only a few runners (Bondi,  Saddle Sore-who was the only Hasher wearing protective clothing, Phantom, Starboard) took the challenge, everyone else on the walkers trail which was the runners trail without the check backs (and a bit more) J  very clever.        It was too energy sucking for most to get up any speed as the energy was needed for bashing our way through the bush, climbing down the cliffs and then of course, back up again.   Lots of blood, scratches and bruises but not one complaint – either Last Card had bribed them or they really did enjoy it.

Nightwalker, Geo and All Fours grabbed everyone’s share of leaches – thank goodness there are still foolish smokers with matches still wheezing their way round the trails.

Penile Dementia managed the trail with brace in good time (where are those infamous faded shorts??) and Brengun came in at the back of the pack.     Darwin Don was so far back it was decided he was on next months run.

Yes, Darwin Don took everyone’s breath away and kept the admiration society going by completing the trail though I am sure if it hadn’t been for Crummy and Rancid and Geo he would still be out there keeping the leaches engorged.      Incidentally, Rancid had not a scratch on her???  (even Sadle Sore’s protective clothing didn’t prevent a gash on the shin).

After following a well laid pack of many cards, the two legged pack drifted back in dribs and drabs an hour and a half to two hours later to be met with cheese and bikies  and a full bucket of everything.

And then the on-on after the circle was an appreciagted pre-run to Christmas with Queen of Hearts providing roast lamb, ham and all the trimmings.   Amazing stuff in the middle of the bush.      The on-on grub standard is just amazing, week after week.    .


Geo had Last Card and Queen of Hearts up for a brilliant run and brilliant tucker

Inky said the hash prayer.


Rancid was heard to tell Darwin Don as she pushed him from the rear up one of the cliffs ‘no bunnies please!’

Darwin for head butting sacred rocks.

Brengun for being lazy and phoning for raging river instructions instead of reading the website.

Bondi accused the Trailmaster of short cutting the trail – who would have noticed or cared!

Cinders for having very precise creases in his running shorts – at the end of the trail.

Geo for getting one up on us all by going for a long cycle before the trail – how does she do it?


Geo announced the January weekend away would be at a Blue Mountains retreat on January 14th and 15th.  A place all to ourselves on a 3 acre property.    More information later but as there will be limited accommodation, best to get in early.

Briefly – Arrive Friday night – self fed.   Saturday – B/fast, run a.m. , p.m. afternoon to yourself to enjoy the environment, BBQ dinner.  Sunday – B/fast, Springwood walk with packed lunch provided.

$25.00/night/person accommodation and food.


The regular (becoming so) raffle tickets were sold and the large collection of ‘good stuff’ included two bottles of Cab. Sav.       Thanks to Quiet Achiever for the ‘stuff’ and Stormy for the Cab Sav.


Christmas Run 5th December.   Porter Reserve, Newport.     A re-run of the wonderful run set by Himaloafer and Night Walker in July which was missed by most as it was Interhash time.

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118 October 2010 – Pee Dub @Red Hill

A brilliant run on a brilliantly hideous day.

PDub managed to bring the rain with him, once again, to the top of Red Hill. Great spot after all the rain with lots of tangled wildflowers and wet grass to slip on. He and XXXX marked out a challenging but really nice trail.

There was a total mix up with the start time – previous run and website showed post-daylight saving, the run reminder showed pre-daylight saving. NSOM had arrived early expecting to play Frisbee with Geo and the early arrivers to discover the pack was taking off right on 3.00pm. P.Dementia back from northern NSW and Rancid arrived late and ran their own race.

Bang on 3.00pm the heavens opened up – but of course we are Hashers and the slippery sodden water logged track didn’t deter a single sole.

The adage, ‘everyone for themselves in the hash’ was very true on the slopes of Red Hill. Yakkity set off wearing his very spiffy Posh rain jacket, but blow me, would he give it up to a drenched damsel – no way. And his running made, Calici made the very diplomatic comment ‘ we’ve seen you looking worse’!

Everyone followed the biodegradable loo paper (except the late starters, the very high quality of biodegradable loo paper draped around the bushes had all but biodegraded by the time they set off) and in rain which didn’t give up until we’d almost finished the fact that everyone ran the complete trail was a fantastic achievement.

Cinders totally lost himself in the field of wildflowers and had to be reminded he was a F.R.B., not a plant sniffer.

Yakkity, Quiet Achiever, Calici arrived at the Moonscope and spent a good ten minutes looking aimlessly for the trail markers until Hand Job put them out of their misery by pointing out the very obvious ‘on back’ marking laid out in twigs!

Almost back at the start, Geo, Hand Job and NSOM came across the braced up P.Dementia courageously struggling along the water covered track (he started at 4.00pm). The rain stopped at this point so when Rancid arrived (also at 4.00pm) she took off like a rocket and managed to do most of the lower part of the trail even though there was no loo paper trail for her to use.

Geo called a very quick circle, the hares were acknowledge the run report included “too many flowers, not enough puddles, not enough rain, too many rocks but wonderful views at the top of the ridge” But of course, you wouldn’t want to know it, while we stood in a cirlcle and as Starboard did her thing preparing the repast the rain bucketed again. Mention was made of Hand Job’s impending trip to Cambodia and the return of Spurt and Penile Dementia and then Geo decided it was too wet to go through charges so she called an end to the first of the daylight saving runs, which started at 3.00pm.

Thanks heaps Starboard for valiantly slogging over the camp stove and providing us with a very welcome, extremely hot and delicious soup, thick enough to be a hot pot with lots of squishy rolls to dunk. It was good enough for most of us to go back for thirds! Robin Hood, who is hoping her waiting period is nearly over, braved the odds and brought another appreciated cheese platter.


P.S. Hand Job has established ‘Barbara’s Library’ in a small village and every year provides more library books and many bags of clothing for the young children. She has made arrangements with the airlines to give her additional baggage allowance to take as much as she can on the plane on her annual trip and has also made contact with a shipping group who will give her some space in their shipments for anything else she collects. If you have good quality books, toys and children’s clothing you no longer need, please contact Hand Job at the North Shore Wanders Hash or Northern Beaches Hash on the first Sunday of the month.

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117 Sepember 2010 – Yakkity Yak & Robin Hood @North Curl Curl

The mob arrived in dribs and drabs, plenty of Running Sharks, some North Shore Wanders and a number of POSH (but where was Darwin Don?). Day was lovely, even mild one could say. The good turnout must have been because our very own Master Chef was one of the hares.

The starting point was where many of us had spend many hours watching our little darlings we knew were worthy of making the Diamonds netball team if only the selectors would see their exceptional talent.

We headed off through the burbs along Playfair street, up and over towards Dee Why Heights. Last Card Louis was in fine form, keeping up a good fast pace – passing the Lazy Sunday Runners (running the walkers trail) a number of times along the trail.

The trail took us down to the southern end of DY beach, across The Strand past the swimming pool and rock pool, through Headland Park and onto one of the prettiest coastal walks in Sydney. Great choice Yakkity and Robyn. At this point the group spread out, some preferring to admire the coastline and watch their footing whilst others raced ahead making the most of being the F.R.B’s whilst L.C.L was still trying to work out how to stay in front and as Cinders was trying to work out how to make his run to overtake and keep up his tradition of first home (Cinders and our estimed leader were late starters). Singapore Sling was in fine mettle too, there was a comment made about him preparing for the Commonwealth Games marathon which he didn’t deny though I’m not sure he’d want to be on the team at this point!

The trail home took some of us to the southern side of Curl Curl Lagoon and across the bridge to the bucket. Some of us took the northern side of the C.C.L. and took the short/high road home, which in actual fact was about the same distance.

A great trail, lots of green, coastal views, just the right distance and then the feast after the bucket when we got back.

BUT I MIGHT ASK ……………………………………..

· Who was the Hashman who attempted to suck up to the Octogenarian in the park, admiring her mangy octogenarian doggy – could this Hashman have needed her zimmer frame or her motorised wheelchair to get him home???

· Who was the Hashman who succumbed to the charms of the very attractive young mum who looked deeply into his eyes and asked whether he was a marathon runner? Our marathon man sucked up his chest, puffed up his biceps and said he’d be more than happy to carry her pram down the steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Geo gathered the Circle and Inky was called for the Hash Prayer to settle everyone down. And settle down they did, so much so no one realised Inky was reciting the ‘real’ Lords Prayer until he pulled himself together almost at the end!!

· The hares were called and thanked for a really good trail, was no mark given because it was in the ‘markless’ (as in ‘priceless’) range?

· Last Card Louis was charged for ‘hats in circle’

· Someone wanted to know what the extra arrows pointing into the bush were for – THEY WERE WEE WEE STOPS so those with ‘handy things to take to a picnic’ didn’t disgrace us when caught short.

· Crumb complained it was the first time in 10 years he didn’t have a map so he couldn’t cheat.


· Last Card Louis charged the smokers, Inky, Donga and some one else for smoking down wind

· Danish Blue charged Himalopher for being on fire – the circle decided he would grow much better if he put out the pipe.

· Quiet Achiever for competitive running – he had to get over the need to pass everyone on the trail.

· Cinders for petting and starting ‘grab a granny’ week


Kaffr2 brought out the first of the monthly raffles to raise the balance of the coffers:

1st prize – bottle of beaut bubbly: Phantom

2nd price – t.shirt, washed: Siberia

3rd price – t.shirt, unwashed: NSOM

Robyn Hood as usual dished up a fantastic repast – dips and nibbles during the bucket is fast becoming the norm (well Stormwater and Rancid did do it last week). There were unbelievably good tacos with all the trimmings and then gourmet cheeses to finish off. Was this the reason the on-after lasted for many hours or was it just the banter which become more and more raunchy as the beer was consumed –

Seaman was volunteered as Geo just knew he would be champing at the bit to set a trail as soon as he got back into the country, but Pee Dub has taken the reins instead.

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116 August 2010 – Stormwater & Rancid @Colloroy

The day was warm and there was a fine turn out well before the run began. Stormwater and Rancid had planned a lovely run around the Collaroy and Long Reef area. Hats off to Stormwater who injured herself nastily at Interhash, for devising a really picturesque trail with Rancid.

The pack set off from the beach across Pittwater Rd to Alexander St much to the amusement of the locals and tourists out enjoying the jolly good weather. A group of men and women wearing Hash House Harrier t.shirts the reputation alone could be enough to scare anyone – if only they knew, just a load of old codgers doing family friend activities, not even naughty songs at the circle.

We spread out very early in the piece, but the cleverly positioned checks brought us back together almost all the way. Around the back of Collaroy, up and around The Pittwater House Schools and then down to Pittwater Rd again at Long Reef. There had been a number of view stoppers but nothing like the vista from the L.R. Golf Course which only those of us who stayed on trail experienced. It was a long rather hilly course and the wimps amongst us who knew the area, ran actually that should be meandered north along Pittwater Rd back to the beach. The hardy harriers who stayed on trail followed the road around the top of D.Y lagoon across to the Long Reef Beach, through the bush to the L.R. golf course and along the purpose built path up to the whale watching point. From there, down to the club house passed the pelicans and the boat ramp, along the sand of Collaroy Basin, over the point, passed the Stanley & Florence Twight Reserve Rock Pool (becha didn’t know it was called that!) and back to the start line. There were lots of S.C.B.’s by the number already home (said the F.R.B.’s) who missed out on the wonderful views back towards Manly and up to Bungan Headland and beyond.

Once again, well done Stormy and Rancid, it was a really enjoyable afternoon hash, commented on by everyone.

There were a number of late comers including Mr. & Mrs. Scudd. A number of disabled, Robyn Hood, Inky, Darwin. A courageous/beggar for punishment, Kaffir2 straight back from the Larrikins Christmas in July celebration. A good contingent from the Northern Wanders and the Posh.

Geo had to do her school maam act to get the circle together – the Hares had treated us to a very substantial, professional entre whilst we had our recovery drink. Wouldn’t it be nice if this became a habit.

· Inky said the Hash Prayer. I’m not sure whether it was his righteousness, religiousness (?) or his Sundayness but off he meandered into The Lords Prayer , unnoticed by the ‘low lifes’ which reinforces how family friendly it really is.

· Crumpet gave the run report. She said she ran up a section, down a section and along a section, onto the sand and through the green. She gave the run 9/10.

Geo then called for the Charges:

· Mr. & Mrs. Scudd were fined for not having a late pass and then tried to avoid the down down by flashing around a $30.00 bribe.

· Charge for the disabled, Robyn Hood, Inky, Darwin and Stormwater . Darwin should have been charged twice for showing his new knees and then trying to show us something else – .

· Frosty for not having water for her dog, and then filling it with beer – the way he lapped it down it wasn’t a new event for him.

· Singapore Sling for an early birthday cheer.

· Geo for kisses, but I can’t remember what that was about!

· Centrepoint for urinating on trail, something no one else would dream of ever doing!

Rancid, Stormwater and Robyn Hood had prepared wonderful hotpots and we all dug in, a large group stayed around catching up, well into the early evening.

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115 July 2010 – Himaloafer & Nightwalker @Bilgola Beach

Up – up – up,  along, down,  up – up –up down,    OK folks,  that’s the run report this month.

It was actually a brilliant run,  there were so many away, sick, Interhash etc, I think we should do it again in spring.

There seemed to be endless kilometres of up hill work, but when we hit the green patches it was all worth it.   The trail took us up from the northern sands of Bilgola Beach across to Attunga Reserve, up again between Avalon and Clareville into the amazing Angophora Reserve which some of us would have miss if it wasn’t for the insistence of Matilda,  where all the runners congregated to recover and enjoy the wonderful stream and rain forest bushland.   Out of the ferns and green stuff and into the streets overlooking Clareville, up again to the reservoir reserve.   And then finally down – the many steps to the Crown of Newport Reserve to Newport Beach.

The Hare placed the trail south along Pittwater road to the zebra crossing, but those of us whose legs, lungs and bladders were demanding a short cut, braved the Eastern suburbs Sunday drivers and raced across the four lane highway at the Northern end of the beach, only to realise the trail went up again over the headland to Bilgola.    Bugga!       At this point the back runners became front runners but when we reached the top of the headland  the back runners became the front runners again.

It was again a cold miserable afternoon but the wonderful views, the amazing reserves and the camaraderie of the small pack made it a great run – a standing ovation to the Hares,  Him loafer and Night Walker.

The Bucket and on-on, sitting on the wall or stand around the portable stove overlook the dark, stormy ocean could have been romantic if it wasn’t so jolly cold.   Night Walker had prepared two amazingly good hot soups and home made flat bread so we were warm inside if not out.

Congratulations to you both – I really do hope we can do it again.

Inky gave the hash prayer, Bushman gave the run report and a score of 9.5.


All Fours




Geographically Naïve



Night Walker


Stiff One – – didn’t pay




Cinders:           BIG NOTING.    made sure everyone new he was the trailmaster by putting a C next to the arrows.

All Fours:        ILLEGAL SALES WOMAN.   Selling possum sox on the (not so) quiet


Inky:               PRIVATE PARTYING with Stiff One.

Bushman:        DEMENTED MAP READER.  Discovered ¾ of the way through the trail the trail map he’d been carrying since the start.

Matilda:          KNOW ALL.  For insisting we go along the street through Angophora Reserve instead of going straight down the stairs towards home, because it was an extra special place – a really good decision.

Crumpet:         BOSSY BOOTS.  Demanding Neil (said in strong voice) check the trail!

Crum:              For not making the walkers do IT!

Siberia:            IN ABSENTEE – when we discovered there were no drinks for the down downs we realised we missed her!

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114 June 2010 – Hand Job and Quiet Acheiver @Narrabeen

On the wettest, coldest Sunday this year,  a fantastic turn up of Hashers from a variety of clubs sat huddled in cars, shelters and anywhere they could protect themselves from the grey elements waiting for the call from the Hares.

Quiet Achiever and Just Johnny from the Northern Wanders volunteered for the June run and by mid afternoon Sunday I’m sure they were wishing they had not put their hands up!         But even in the miserable conditions they set an adventurous trail.

16 hardy starters set off toward Narrabeen Lake, ultimately going in a big circle.   Starting back at the beginning, the pack still together, looking skyward in trepidation as  precipitation was anticipated, the  arrows and flour took us along to the caravan park,  through murk and mire (playing fields in dryer times) and back up to the suburban streets.    By now the arrows were not identifiable as the rain had got considerably heavier – the Hare came to the rescue and ‘live-hared’ the rest of the trail up around the headland for those who didn’t consider themselves wet enough and wanted to continue.

The pack straggled back in looking for something to warm their cockles, Geo and Rancid headed for the coffee shop, the rest headed for the hard stuff;   the Hares had provided greatly appreciated nibbles to go with the bucket until the ‘gather round’ call was made.   Mongrel suggested we have the circle in the ladies loo as there was a big area we could all fit into – now I ask you,  how did Mongrel know there was “ big area we could all fit into in the ladies loo”?

The G.A. allowed hats on for the circle,  Himaloafer gave the run report and declared it the best ever giving if 11 out of 10.

  • The visitors, Loco and Horny Hash told us about themselves.
  • Darwin Don was welcomed back from medical leave,   boy that man lookers fitter than ever!
  • Cinderella, Yakkity and Calici joined us after completing the 16km Nosh Run and Cinders was congratulated for coming first in his class – well done!
  • There were no charges as everyone wanted to get into the deliciously tantalising sausage, onion and salad rolls that had been cooking away whilst the circle was going on.   All in all there were 24 Harriers who thanked  Just Johnny and Hand Job for a really appreciated repast.

Footnote:    Two police cars were in the adjacent parking area but the owners were not were to be seen,   it was wondered if a local had  reported the group of loonies, standing in the freezing cold rainy afternoon partying on regardless of the weather – actually it could have been the surf club members (who were holding a wake after scattering ashes off the coast) after we refused their kind invitation to move to their warm dry premises

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113 – May 2010 – Geo Naive, Cinderella & Robin Hood – East Killara

Around 30 eager Hashers took off at a run along the edge of the playing fields and down the Churchill Rd towards Garigal National Park, so far down in fact Rainbow couldn’t wait and made Frostie carry the poo bag until she could sneak it into a local’s bin waiting for Monday pickup.

Into the bush and left down the 20 odd steps and right along the trail to find a check back – true trail nowhere in site. When it was realised the walkers were steadily moving on past the top of the steps the front running dumb bunnies pulled themselves back up and joined the back of the pack. P.D. with two bandages on damaged knee, made the bottom of those stairs before giving up on finding trail, turned tail and went back to see if the bucket had arrived, running into a very late Candlesticks with trusty bugle in hand, racing to catch up.

Runners T.M. Yakkity had no chalk, i.e. no way of marking off the checks, so if you couldn’t keep up you had to decipher the checks yourself. Walkers T.M. Siberia, with map in hand, got herself thoroughly lost and should have been charged at the circle for the whining to Crum that ensued.

Luckily the trail was clearly marked with toilet paper and chalk and took the combined pack off the beaten track, through the bush, almost straight down to the creek through very slippery gum leaves and mossy rocks. Heavily pregnant Rachel +1, due to give birth that very day, was worrying everyone except her entourage as she kept good pace all the way. At a fork in the trail the walkers went off to the left on the beaten track wending their way back to civilisation, whilst the runners discovered they should have too, when their trail took them along a narrow track and then straight up the side of the cliff over fallen trees and rocks. Eventually back on the bitumen with the encouraging ‘on home’ chalk marks keeping us climbing the last two km up Cuncliffe Rd to Koola Ave, another very steep incline.

No idea who arrived home first, it certainly wasn’t me. (I’m told it was Trust Me followed by All Day) Crum & Calici were most debonair and lent a hand to the damsels on the really tough bits, Cummy kept an eye on Rachel + 1 and the tongue-tied Alex; Candlesticks blew his own trumpet whenever he thought he should and we all wandered home eventually – after a really great run through virgin bush (for a lot of us), lovely views down over middle harbour and a good work out for all. Well done Cinders and Geo.

Back at the camp the numbers swelled and an hilarious circle led by our new G.M. Geo and RA Calici was followed by a delicious pasta and red wine supper with cheese and biscuits for afters. All provided by Robin Hood proving she really is the best at managing a huge swell of Hashers at the end of the run without dishing up watery offerings.

Trail maps courtesy of Quiet Achiever


Crum, Crumpet, No Shit On Me, Quiet Achiever, Inky, Penile Dementia, Scud, Maid Marion, Siberia, Robin Hood, Mongrel, Old Hand, Danish, Storm Water, Singapore Sling, Just Johnny, Last Card Louis, Queen of Hearts, Phantom, Yakkity Yak, Starboard, Pee Dub, Centre Point, Breathless, Legless, Geo Naive, Rancid, Cinderella, Bondi, Saddle Sore, All Fours, Next Week, Hanoi Bill, Night Walker, Calici Virus


Scrummy for More from USA via Southern Highlands via Okinawa. Lecherous from Bangkok Red Shirt Hash


Jo from Jo’burg – Calici and Jo shared something on their knees. Rachel who came along to induce +1, but didn’t Alex who came along to care for Rachel & +1

Run Report:

Brengun gave the Hare Cinders 9.85 for one of the best trails he’d been on. Cinders will send him a cheque in the mail.Trust Me and Last Card Louie for too much complaining

Down Downs:

Red Shirts (Hanoi Bill, Quiet Achiever, PD, Singapore Sling) /Yellow Shirts (Trust Me & Lecherous) for no other reason than the colour of their T.Shirts.

PD for his last NBH3 run, standing on his head, Inky holding his legs, Calici holding the beer.

Mongrel for suggesting PD stand on his head for his down-down.

And from the circle …….

Crummy called Just Johnny and Candlesticks who were reading the map upside down and got lost and Candlesticks for leaving the pregnant pair and Crummy to struggle on their own in the wilderness.

Lecherous called Frostie for carrying a bag of shit around with her

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