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Run #247 @Davidson – Donga

Run #247 @Davidson – Donga


It’s not often a Hare is so keen to set a run that he is prepared to leave a home in one country and travel to his home in another country. He brought his wife for moral support as well and rounded up his children to assist with the run.
It was no easy task to manage the trip from Thailand to Sydney, given the officialdom both locations employ.
But come 4 pm on Sunday, January 02, all was ready.
The usual disparate group assembled and after some instruction, were set off.
The Garigal National park is huge, and offers endless trails and options for hashing…….and Donga knows his trails, that’s for sure. We were treated to a great run/walk, some bits with tarmac but he closely observed the 80/20 bush/road rule.

It was long and at times quite difficult, managing to include gradual but inclined sections. Good for the circulation. A walk in along Kambora to wind down and we were back at Donga’s Digs.
Around 28 filled the verandah, plenty of food was put out and after a couple of beers/wines we were all relaxed.
The GM managed to pull a circle together, anoint the Hare (job well done), and then told a tawdry but clean joke. We politely laughed.
Another beer and next months’ run – which Calici is setting at Centrepoint’s Whale Beach pad. CP is out of action and has the boot tp prove it.

The GM would like to advise he has written to and received permission from Hash Headquarters to have the February run with less than 80% bush….provided there is an equal amount of water views. Start and finish at Centrepoint’s.

The address is 35 Morella Rd, Whale Beach. 4 pm start.

RUN #246 – Xmas run @Long Reef – Starboard

RUN #246 – Xmas run @Long Reef – Starboard


A Sydney summer run, they said, and it looked like it would rain. But that’s normal in Sydney these days. Every day looks like that.
No matter, it’s the Hash, and so we will turn up regardless.
A pack of 32 assembled at the end of Fisherman’s Beach and took off at 16:00 hrs. Starboard had briefed us on the run and we knew it would be good, based on her history.
From the Collaroy Basin on the coast trail down to Dee Why, the trail went through Narraweena, Beacon Hill and touching on Cromer and back to Long Reef. Well set, good markings and a slice of bushland to create interest, which was surprising in the middle of such a built-up area.
This run included not only a terrific Christmas lunch but a changing of the guard. Short Sheeter announced a new committee, and I will leave it to the new GM, Pee Dub, to announce the members. This is because having been delegated the role of writer-upper, I don’t know who all the other members are.
Pee Dub was an unexpected choice to many of us, and we are sure/hope he will mature into the role. This includes the RA handling the jokes. Thanks to the outgoing committee and the GM, Short Sheeter, for their efforts over the difficult period.

Then there was lunch….a table spread full of ham, turkey and salads, not to forget the petite fours to begin, kept us all quiet for a while. Great food, and real thanks to those who prepared and served the meal. Beer and wine to go with it all, of course.

So see you all at run # 247 on 02 Jan, 2022.

All the best for the festive season, see you on Sun 02 Jan.
Calici V

October 4th 2020 Run – Waverton

October 4th 2020 Run – Waverton

October 4th 2020 Run
HI all fellow hashers
It was a great turnout for our  first joint run for 2020 with the Sydney Full Moon HHH on Sunday 4th October at Waverton Park, Waverton. Keeping in mind the Covid restrictions it was a delight to see so many faces new and old trying to maintain the 1.5 m distance. We had visitors from the North Shore Wanderers and Sydney Thirsty Hash as well.
The day had fantastic weather and the routes were marked out well by the co hares  He’ll Do and SS from NBH3 for the walkers and runners alike, spanning the local streets and bush and the Coal Loader , with plenty of scope for stair lovers .
A well earned bucket, thanks to both our beer meister Phantom and Full Moon’s Mother F. We all enjoyed the comaraderie at  the end with beautiful views and breezes from Sydney harbour .
Thank you to all who could attend.
On On
Short Sheeter
August 2020 Run 235 – Crum in Manly Vale

August 2020 Run 235 – Crum in Manly Vale

Crum’s RUN Sunday 2nd August 2020
On the sunny side of Passmore Park, Manly Vale the Northern Beaches pack gathered in a very convenient spot.
Being Covid conscious, it was BYO chairs to be placed 1 1/2 metres apart and nibbles for the Bucket.
Crummy”s trail led us up the garden path- right around the sports grounds, giving the walkers an immediate opportunity to shortcut diagonally across the fields, twice.
Starboard was out of sight in a flash and arriving back at the Bucket in 35 minutes, she took off again.
Hilly terrain! Stairs leading  down and hills going up and plenty of ON BACKS and opportunities to shortcut, if you knew the area.
All back at the Bucket, nibbles were handed around and ‘The Scuds’ sat down to a  meal of roast meat and veggies.
Our new GM, Shortsheeter called for everyone to circle up, with hats off.
Bondi scored the run an 8 1/2. “Wow!” “What?” “8 1/2 out of 40?” queried Tripod.
Crummy, the Hare, was given two Down Downs. One for laying the trail and the other for his birthday and down’ed them simultaneously.
Virgin runner Alex, simply googled up ” hash on the Northern Beaches”. Were we really what she was looking for? Yes! A born Harriette, she needed no prompting when to swallow her Down Down.
Free Bucket and free birthday cake to five of the pack. Hashy Birthday to  Crummy, Geographically Naive , Phantom, NSOM and Kitty Litter.
” I need a committee” cried the GM and within minutes Phantom became the new Bucket Meister, Crummy crumbled to do Hash Cashing, Saddlesore the new Haberdasher, All Fours for Trailmastery ( again), Next Week for ON SEC and website and Tripod for RA.
And with the new committee formed, ShortSheeter announced the meeting over just as the cool night was setting in and the Moon aligned with Jupiter and Saturn.
Scattering Don’s Ashes

Scattering Don’s Ashes

Mission accomplished!

GYPO/Darwin Don/Donald Ernest Grenville is now home where he wanted to be in the sea out from the North Cottesloe Surf Club.
Sunday 5th April turned out overcast, however the sea was calm and flat. No wind. A playful seal had been frollicking over the reef area but had gone at 10.30am.
The Nth Cottesloe Surf Club provided a rubber ducky to take the ashes off shore with IRB captain doing the honours of taking Neil and ashes out to the reef off the beach. Several club ski paddlers also went out.
2 club Scottish pipers , who knew Gypo well, were there piping them out and playing as ashes cast and as boat returned (you can hear them on the video below).
Afterwards small group gathered to end ceremony. Neil and President of club spoke and then we dispersed.
Crum & Crumpet
Feb 2020 – XXXX & Hill of Grace at Deep Creek Reserve

Feb 2020 – XXXX & Hill of Grace at Deep Creek Reserve

Feb 2020 – XXXX & Hill of Grace at Deep Creek Reserve

Attended by nineteen hashers

XXXX supplied the following trail description as follows in italics:-

The Trails were set on Mountain Bike Tracks as follows using track names from Trailforks

Runners and Walkers

Two Bridges; Deep Creek Connect – Check; Rust Bucket – Check; X Morgan Downhill; Loamsville – Check; Blackalicious – Check; Bennies accessed up a rope; V-B-Y connect – Check; Ya Mum – Part way up trail is split and walkers head right

Runners Only

Ya Mum; Bull Ant; Slippery Dip; Deep Creek Connection; X Bennies DH; Deep Creek; Two Bridges


VoVo’s; X Push Up; X Blackalicious – Check; X Morgan Down Hill; X Frenchies – Check; Rust Bucket; Happy Ending; Deep Creek Connect; Two Bridges


 X means we crossed the trail

– Check means check was placed at junction

The Star athlete of the day was Hanoi Bill who reached the bucket with a time of 59:59 exactly

He’ll Do and Starboard finished the run after 1:03 with He’ll Do complaining that he lost time going up Bennies DH following arrows set by the Posh three weeks previously which were single pointed and a different shape. Someone should have a word with He’ll Do to tell him that hashing is not a race and the philosophy of Hash is that the trail should keep everyone together. Kitty Litter finished the Walkers Trail in 1:14 and was not happy at being sent back out to find Three Swigs who was enjoying the afternoon stroll on her lonesome.

The On On was moved under cover by the toilets where we all enjoyed the food s prepared by Hill of Grace. Both trails were rated 10/10 but then marked down because XXXX was involved in the setting. Down Downs were administered to the hares and various other miscreants. Just as the On On was winding up the heavens opened up and all trace of NBH3 being there were washed away.

Map of the Feb 20 trail

By Anon

XMAS run

XMAS run

What a great Xmas run, generous bucket and fabulous food.

Many thanks to Bondi & Saddlesore, Phantom, All Fours & Next Week – well done!!

See the photos below.



Darwin Don’s Wake – 23rd November 2019

Darwin Don’s Wake – 23rd November 2019

Darwin Don’s Wake was held at the Redfern Club on 23rd November 2019.

It was brilliantly organised by Crumpet and Crum and a wonderful celebration of Don’s life, we heard from friends, colleagues, gym and swimming buddies and, of course, hash mates. There are a few photos below.

We also played a video during the afternoon that was originally compiled for Don’s 90th Birthday and has been extended several times to become a tribute to Don’s life.

The video is available to watch on YouTube at and you may also download your own copy from here – please note that it is 1.3Gb in size

On On, Next Week







Hare: Tripod     

Caterer: Tripod

He did it all this man – the run, the food and (for more brownie points) a vegetarian version of the food.  And all without COMES INFREQUENTLY who had cleverly organised to go to a conference in New Zealand.  He did though have help from DEAD GUMP, his visitor from Brazil where he used to live and Hash.  Help was dearly needed as winter started this day with a chilly wind and several dumps of rain necessitating run resetting.  In fact so much resetting was needed that the hare’s house was closed up and abandoned till 3.03pm when he returned from laying down more chalk.  By this time the pack had swelled to 27 and they were raring to go.  Really???  Talking a lot, definitely, and looking for more clothes was more like it.

With no time to spare we were told the run had been reset and there was one check with a walker’s arrow (so not a check for them) and 2 options for the runner’s to find out where to go.  Meanwhile go off up the hill while he gives a map to the young lady.  This proved to be TM ALL FOURS who made sure we all got the ‘young’ descriptor!

After a long way uphill and across roads the first arrow was spotted.  We were on!  Somehow the runners then missed an arrow and ended up in the bush running in the wrong direction (LAST CARD LOUIS said he wondered why he was running against the arrows), only to link up with those on the real trail and an on back.  Out onto the road again and another on back and no trail to be seen at all.  Study of the map gave little insight as there were no road names and the route was marked in bright red with no checks etc marked.  We all worked out we had to get to Burns Bay Reserve to hit the bush and what with that and no arrows except for the runners/walkers split the pack split up and went their individual (LAST CARD LOUIS = lost and never on trail) or collective-in-groups ways.  I ran with HE’LL DO, only seeing some walkers going the wrong way round Riverview boat shed for the rest of the run.  We picked up bush trail from Burns Bay, the first bit being impossible to run on, then into Riverview grounds, then running bush trails more or less all the way home.

Other than those who had not run there were no shortcutters or walkers back and we almost had to send out a search party for CINDERS, GEO NAIVE (especially with that name) and KAFFIR.  Interrogation of KAFFIR revealed ‘chatting’ was the reason for lateness.  Really, again?? The bucket opened and we met WHITE POINTER’s ‘little’ brother Leo (from Paddington, though PEE DUB heard Pennant Hills), witnessed NSOM committing the sacrilege of breaking a bottle of beer sideswiped by her back pack, and welcomed back STEVE EATER who has been in Shanghai for 2.5 years though we felt it was only a few months.  He boasted that having been Beermeister at NBH3 for 3 months before he left us, Shanghai Hash were so impressed they promptly made him GM.  He may regret  telling us that as we were reminded that with PHANTOM away for the next 4 months a Beermeister is needed.  Not that I’m suggesting anything.

The circle was called by RA, Hare and cook TRIPOD (is there nothing this man can’t do) and he promptly awarded himself 10/10 for the run.  He called up visitors Leo, DEAD GUMP and WHITE POINTER and STEVE EATER who are more correctly returnees and gave them a down down.  A lady whose name I didn’t get who arrived by taxi was called into the circle to explain who she was and where was she from.  She only got as far as ‘CANDLESTICKS didn’t turn up’ and all decided that explained the entire situation and welcomed her.

TRIPOD’s drinking contraption then came out and LAST CARD LOUIS was strapped into it.  Failing dismally, he split the entire lot.

KAFFIR meanwhile started giving his run report which was he was a walker, he was overtaken 3 times and there was no trail but nevertheless awarded it 8/10.



TRIPOD ignored this and SHORTSHEETER was then strapped into the contraption.  While appearing more in control she still couldn’t get any drink near her mouth.


Charges were called for and awarded to:-

CRUMPET for giving too much money to XXXX for the monthly fees.  Maybe as payback to a prior Hash Cash, XXXX waited till the circle to point out the error in the balance sheet.  And then had the temerity to give the change to CRUMB!!

HILL OF GRACE was awarded a down down for getting PEE DUB to part with $15 for a recycled NBH3 rugby shirt.  PEE DUB should be charged next month for trying to recoup his loss by taking all the empty bottles home for the 10 cent refund!!


222 – April 2018 – BAYVIEW

222 – April 2018 – BAYVIEW


Hare: Mongrel                Caterers: Starboard and Mongrel

The first run on the day that daylight saving ended and there appeared to be no people who got the time wrong other than WHITE RABBIT who is late each week anyway, so doesn’t count.  A good turn out for the AGPU had STARBOARD, who didn’t realise it was the AGPU, wonder whether she’d made enough food.  She was happy to leave soup warming duties to sous chef NEXT WEEK who claimed an Achilles injury and said leave the nibbles to him.   At the time she didn’t realise this meant he’d eat them all.  The run was announced by Hare and outgoing GM Mongrel with mystery extra instructions emanating from his phone.  Turns out these were dogs barking (there were a lot in the park strangely enough) but no one does dogspeak so the pack set off still little the wiser for what to expect other than 8km for the runners and 5km for the walkers.

After quickly losing trail in the dog park, On was found by PHANTOM and LAST CARD LOUIS going through to the next park before a long uphill and an on back.  This was cunningly missed by STARBOARD and new temporary Pommie resident LYNDA LOOSE ARSE HULL (from Hull, UK) and was called by HIMALOAFER and DONGA who accused the ladies of trying to entice people to run further than they should.  And your problem is????  A bit of road running with no on backs and few checks quickly saw the pack well spread out but as the run led us to stunning views of the northern beaches well spread out there was little complaint.  Returning via the northern fringes of Mona Vale HE’LL DO commented we would soon be in Mona Vale.  When told he was already there, he was mightily relieved as he thought he was in Dee Why.  Fortunately for him we already have a GEOGRAPHICALLY NAÏVE so he didn’t get renamed on the spot.

The fast runners overtook the walkers not far from home and made it back to the bucket in 55 mins to welcome drinks to combat the almost 30 deg C day.  Nibbles left by NEXT WEEK were tucked into and MONGREL called the circle.

NEXT WEEK was asked to deliver the run report so he described what he’d done while minding the soup which included stirring it, walking to the bucket and getting a beer and then repeat.  He rewarded it a 9/10.

MONGREL was keen to be an ex GM so hurried things along and announced Visitors Elizabeth (GEO’s sister), AYATOLLAH from the Posh and LYNDA LOOSE ARSE HULL.  They were serenaded by a song from DONGA.

Next up was the competition for the name of the beach on the new NBH3 website, judged by ALL FOURS who with NEXT WEEK (website designer) were excluded from competing.  There was still an argument going on when it was announced it was Jervis Bay, claimed by SHORTSHEETER, BREN GUN and KITTY LITTER.  The Hash were then challenged to take pictures of any northern beach, the winner having their photo as the banner for the new website replacing the one chosen at random by NEXT WEEK who really didn’t have a clue where it was!

MONGREL then introduced one half of the new GM – SADDLESORE.  Judging it time for a generational change he had chosen SADDLESORE and BONDI.  Unfortunately, the latter was acting like an old man at home after blowing his knee doing sprints and could only limp around the house.  Whatever, MONGREL announced the new GMs and then promptly blew it by saying they were the new face of the Larrikin Hash.  Oops!  For her part, SADDLESORE when asked for advice said to never go for a walk with GEO.  I’m sure there’s more to this story.

Next up Beer Meister and Hash Haberdash, HIMALOAFER and HILL OF GRACE were called up and acting like Trump, MONGREL informed them they were fired.  He thanked HILL OF GRACE for doing a great job of selling off all the accumulated old Hash gear and said a new Haberdash would be announced soon after ALL FOURS had done the new design.  HIMALOAFER was similarly thanked and it was announced PHANTOM would carry on joint bucket duties for May after which a new person would be chosen (warning: picked at random) as he was off for 4 months after.

GEO was given a down down for snaring the new GM and the next run was announced as being set by TRIPOD presumably from Longueville.

And obviously keen to do no more GM duties, no charges were called for and food was announced.  Which luckily saw everyone fed with only enough left for STARBOARD and PHANTOM the next night, for which PHANTOM truly thanks everyone.